First, I am always happy when my doomer predictions turn out to be in error. Second, the full scope and scale of this ongoing water disaster remains to be seen. Having lived through the Great Portland floods of February, 1996, I can tell you plainly it can/will get worse in terms of flooding.

We have apparently dodged the immediate bullet in terms of the collapse of the Lake Oroville spillway, at least so far. Unfortunately, out of the 12 dams and reservoirs in California, seven of them are now over 90 percent full. The Don Pedro one, the one that flooded San Jose, was a staggering 98 percent full before they opened the spillway, again for the first time in over a decade. This led to the botched, does California do any other kind, evacuation of 50,000 people in San Jose and large-scale flooding. The fact is the foreign press, especially the British press, has done an outstanding job of covering the significant flooding damage downstream. It is a fact that multiple cities have flooded; it is a fact that multiple highways, freeways, rail lines and other roadways flooded, been cut and severely impacted evacuation routes.

It is also a fact that the snowpack levels in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern and Central California are at historic levels, as in between 150 percent, and 200 percent of normal. The snowpack is measured in FEET now. Obviously, this snow is going to melt, and how and when it does will be the decisive factor for California. If we get a situation like what happened in Oregon back in 1996, which was heavy rain, warm temperatures and rapid snow melt, we will have massive flooding of the prime agricultural areas in California, and major transit corridor disruption. For example, it might be a good idea to stock up on Almond milk, since most of the US Almond crop is grown in California orchards that are now either flooded, or in danger of being flooded. If that combination of factors happens at the same time, we will be looking at hundreds of billions of dollars worth of economic damage to the Agricultural industry.

At any rate, events in California are certainly, pun intended, in a fluid status at this point.

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