After watching the US Senate hearings on Jeff Sessions, I have come to several conclusions as to the true nature of our enemy. The enemy being the Democratic Party, the George Soros funded Snowflake rioters, and the whore media. The sum total of them have a synergistic effect, where the total is greater than the sum of the parts. It is brutally clear, at least to me, they really do hate our guts, really do want to kill us, and really do despise the USA. They really do despise our traditional culture, and they have no moral qualms at all to take whatever actions they feel are needed to unleash the George Soros funded “Purple Revolution.” The same type of revolution Soros has funded all over the world. So be it.

What we are facing in the enemy now unleashing their full wrath on our POTUS, his totally despised deplorable followers and everything we hold sacred in American tradition, is nothing less than the Civil War Two written about decades ago by Mr. Chittum. As Aragon puts it in the movie “The Two Towers,” “Open war is upon us whether we want it or not.” Indeed, it is. If any of you reading my blog is unaware of this, by all means wear your Trump MAGA red baseball hat to any of these “Love Trumps Hate” “peaceful rallies.” At best, you will end up in the ER; at worst, the morgue. And so we come to the great enemy of our age. The one man from whom issues all of our problems, fans into a bonfire all our hates, and bears such an intense hatred of all that is true, just and righteous; namely, one George Soros, Nazi War Criminal, murderer of his own Jewish people. It is from the man George Soros, who if Satan had a son it would be George Soros, the unlimited funds for treason, sedition and violent revolution flow. It is from Soros the groups plotting the overthrow of the US Constitutional Republic are created, then enabled; finally, allowed to fan the flames of treason nationwide.

This is the real reason for the passionate attacks on Jeff Sessions as AG. The Democrats fear in the depths of their bowels in both Sessions and our POTUS they have found men who believe in the rule of law. The Democrats, the media, and especially Soros, fear a light will be shined on their treason. They fear the quick descent of a steel tipped boot on all the slimy things squirming around under the rock Sessions and Trump are now kicking over. Hence, the howling complaints in the hearings from the Democrats. They have unleashed a tidal wave of passionate contempt for Sessions, barely restrained by their constant “but we really respect Jeff Sessions as an US Senator.” They then imply Session is evil indeed. The Democrat Senators seem to have only one mode I will called “Seething Indignation.” They are indignant about this, or they are indignant about that, and not merely a little indignant. Oh, no the Democrats have only one indignant speed, which is seething. It is obvious they don’t watch their own speeches, or what their other Democrat politicians are saying, because if they did, they would realize a little indignation goes a long way. The farce of Warren, and it was heavenly to watch her get shut up mid sentence, is a case in point. I have watched most, not all, it is like being exposed to Fukushima radiation, of the Democrats attacking Sessions. They are shrill, venom filled, fools with a vicious streak that the more they say they respect Jeff Sessions, the clearer it becomes they despise him. Well, in about another two hours or so we are finally going to get a vote on Sessions. He will be appointed as AG and the real fun can become. Whatever the level of seething indignation the Democrats are now under, it will pale into insignificance, once Jeff Sessions goes into hunter killer mode on all the Democrats who have been mocking him for nearly a month now. Yep, I’m thinking about those fools that scream at a tiger “safe” in its cage in a zoo. How will that work out for you Democrats once Jeff gets loose?

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  1. Thank you so much for these well thought out words of truth. You have hit on many points, all true, ……on the Left agenda. We all must be on guard ……hope and pray for the best but also prepare for the worst. Thanks much


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