The Obamarats are starting to leave the ship. It appears that POTUS is serious about “draining the swamp.” The first purge has now taken place at the globalist cesspool known as the US State Department. We are told, in a story from CNN, that four senior State Department officials were “asked to leave.” The link is here.


My comments are here.

Hmm, these are the incompetent fools and morons who gave us Benghazi and the dead ambassador. The same ones who gave us every single foreign policy disaster the last decade or so. The same ones who worked with Hillary Clinton. The same ones who performed craven acts of moral cowardice to Militant Islam. The same ones who covered up Hillary’s email server scandal. The same ones who violated their oath to protect and serve the American people and uphold our constitution.

You mean THOSE SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIALS? LET THEM GO. LET THEM ROT. They are the ones who implemented Obama’s refugee horde.

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  1. Looks like the globalists are consolidating in California. They have lost a lot… Judicial branch, congress and their hold on education is about to be defunded. Looks like they might try and get out of the union. You must have thoughts on this as you hapen to be directly in the bowels of a western city/state that might try to go along with the insurrection. It is my understanding that events like this ushaly go bad for foes of the Union… I wold suppose to see myself in the newly created state of Jefferson due to my location in Eastern Washington. Thoughts please…


    1. Well, now that I am 63 I really don’t care much. Unless I win the lottery, I am stuck here in uber Snowflake land. I also think that forces are now in motion that are beyond my feeble efforts and insights. The Deep State wants World War Three, and the Deep State gets what it wants. Coastal Oregon and Washington may very well separate from Trump Nation. If so, I will go with the flow. We all have to die sometime!


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