The US House of Representatives has just banned Federal Funding of Abortion. This is something that should have been done decades ago in my opinion. The link is here.


My thoughts on the legal issues about abortion are here.

There have always been three issues related to Abortion.

The first is whether the courts should have created a right to abortion, and usurped the Legislative role. Should Roe vs Wade been a law passed by the Senate and House, or should it have been a Supreme Court decision. My view is the Supreme Court usurped the legislative branch and Roe vs Wade has always been UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

The second issue with abortion has always been is it a Federal issue or a state’s right issue? My view is the political reality has always been that some states will ban abortions and some states won’t. The Blue states will make abortion legal, and the red states will, mostly, not. Thus, the Supreme Court, in addition to usurping the Legislative Branch, usurped State’s rights.

The third issue is who pays for it. Even if you assume Roe vs Wade was constitutional, which I don’t, it is a brazen insolence of Federal power to force people who don’t accept abortion to pay for other people to have one. Obviously, I flatly reject the idea of a “CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO AN ABORTION”. Now, I will admit there may be, on a state by state basis, an individual state’s right to abortion, say in Oregon for example.

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