The media spin coming out of DC these days is one of Trump facing entrenched opposition from the pure and true Democratic freedom fighters. Despite the foul-mouthed women, especially the aging Diva Madonna, at the so-called “Women’s March,” the media spin is Trump’s cabinet nominees are going to be confirmed sometime around 2020. Hmm, even a brief view at the political reality in DC, versus the ongoing mainstream media delusions, illusions, and fantasies shows the truly lethal state of imminent collapse the Democratic Party truly is in.

We have all seen those maps showing all the counties Trump won in 2016. We have also seen the state list he won. The one thing the whore media, as well as the Democrats themselves have failed to comprehend is they are now essentially a coastal political party. The Democrats on the ground, in the US Senate and House are thin indeed. I will admit to some confusion as the Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer’s scorched earth policy regarding Trump’s cabinet nominees. We are told this policy of utter political stupidity means Trump won’t get most of his people in. Here is the link to the story telling us of this Senate Democrat version of the Alamo.


The problem Doomer Doug has with all this Democrat, “man the barricades and fight to the death,” stuff is this. Whatever else the whore political class is, and whatever they do, let’s just say the self-preservation instinct is well honed. Obviously, I have long since given up the idea the media really does its job. The idea that mainstream journalists actually do their jobs, investigate the situation, and then make informed choices about what it all means, well I mean, that isn’t what the Marxist media has done for decades now. So, the “company line,” of Trump’s administration is now in chaos, facing total collapse, and he is likely to spend the next year twiddling his thumbs, is the “news” now being pushed. Well, really now? Seriously?

Here is what is really going on right now. The prospects for the Democratic party, as it now exists under Schumer  of New York are somewhere between grim and dismal. I would say the Democratic Coastal Party is like a plane whose engines have just fallen off. While they are still at 30,000 feet, they are headed down to sea level fast and hard. I think, in terms of the US Senate, there are now a few defining facts. The first fact is MITCH THE BITCH, and I just love that nickname, can mostly count on either a 52 to 48 Republican majority, or a 50/50 tie with VP Pence casting the deciding vote. Sorry, Chuck, but that is the cold, cruel numbers you face. Chuck has apparently decided he can tweak things at the edges and use Senate rules to stall things a bit. Yes, Chuck you can do that. Unfortunately for Chuck, he is also facing even more brutal numbers relating to 2018.

The thing the media shills, the Democrats, the whiny brat, Snowflake liberals don’t seem to get is this. Trump is going to be in office for four years. The next election cycle is in two years, 2018. During that 2018 election cycle a staggering TEN, yes TEN Democrat Senators are up for election in states Trump carried.

Let’s say you are West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and Chuck comes up to you and says,” Joe, I want you to do that suicide thing they do  in Japan with the sword stuck into your stomach.” Now, my dear blog readers, do you really, really think US Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia, which Trump won by a, are you ready now, FORTY TWO PERCENT. Yes, as in nearly 50 percent. I think you can get my point. Whatever the “official” position of the Democratic Party is, or whatever Chuck Schumer thinks about how to stall Trump, Joe Manchin is going to be spinning faster than a washing machine to try to desperately convince the West Virginia voters not to throw his Marxist, Democratic Party butt out.

I hope you can now understand why Schumer’s goose is cooked, and why the newly coastal Democratic Party has now been castrated, politically speaking. They are now sound and fury signifying nothing but flatulence blowing on the wind. Chuck is going to go to a Democratic Senate meeting in a few days, hours. Once there all TEN Democratic Senators, who are facing political extinction in 2018, are going to ask why Chuck is stalling Trump. Chuck is not going to have a good reply for that question.

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