Donald Trump is planning the kind of deep cuts in Federal spending that need to happen. We face two problems regarding the Federal Debt and the Federal Deficit. The first is we need to zero out total federal spending to match actual IRS generated tax revenues. We haven’t been doing that for decades now, which is where the federal deficit comes from. The difference between what we spend, versus what we raise in taxes is why the federal debt doubled during Obama’s reign of Marxist terror. The total federal debt of $20 TRILLION must either be paid back, or defaulted on. A 20 year repayment plan would require spending cuts, or tax increases of 1 TRILLION  per year. In addition, we would have to zero out the yearly deficit,  which is the difference between spending and revenue. It is called a budget. The federal government should try it sometime.

It is also a fact that the four core programs are: Social Security, Medicare, Defense, and interest payments on the total federal debt. The total spending for 2016 came to $3.9 TRILLION DOLLARS. The actual federal tax revenues came to $3.3 TRILLION DOLLARS. The 2016 federal deficit, the gap between revenue and spending was nearly $600 Billion dollars, some $590 to be exact. What Trump must do in 2017 is first, reduce the deficit to ZERO. This means Trump must cut the federal budget by nearly $600 billion just to balance it. Next, Trump must begin a pay down the total $20 TRILLION debt on a multiyear basis. Assuming he executes a 20 year-long plan to pay down the debt, he needs an additional $1 TRILLION in cuts per year. This means the total amount to first, stop going into debt, and second, to pay down the debt, means cuts of some $1.6 TRILLION per year for the next 20 years. This means Trump must effectively cut the 2017 federal budget by nearly $1.6 TRILLION in actual dollars, and some forty percent to balance it, and then start the pay back process.

Gang, it is a fact that the core programs, the ones Trump must deal with are Social Security, Medicare, Defense and paying the interest on the total federal debt. The interest payments in 2015 were $229 Billion. Trump has stated he won’t cut Social Security, or Medicare. He can’t refuse to pay the interest payments, and he wants to increase defense spending, as well as do some stuff like build the wall, repair bridges, airports, railroads etc.  When you look at the cold, hard economic facts, a couple of things impale you; namely, some two-thirds of the total federal budget are in areas Trump either can’t, or won’t cut. The other fact is the $1.5 TRILLION Trump will need to cut is going to pretty much eliminate everything other than defense, interest payments, Social Security and Medicare. And by “everything else,” I mean, well look at the link below to get an idea.

My basic point is this. The USA is functionally bankrupt. It has been functionally bankrupt for the last two or three decades. We only have two options here. The first is to make the kind of deep spending cuts needed to balance the federal budget, and begin a twenty year repayment plan. The second is to default on the total federal debt. The $20 TRILLION is roughly $14 TRILLION owed to US citizens, ie public debt, and around $6 TRILLION owed to Japan, China, and other countries. The results of any such default to public owners of the debt would be a catastrophic economic situation. The result of a default with China could very well lead to war. Of course, as far back as Bubba Clinton hard assets, like land etc have been used to back the Chinese debt. Otherwise, they would have dumped our paper and ended the Federal Reserves orgy of economic folly. 

The politics involved in essentially eliminating all federal spending other than Social Security, Medicare, Defense and interest payments are going to be brutal. The urge to default will be overwhelming in my opinion. Trump may not have the political chops to make it happen. We shall see.…rticle/2612037

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    1. TRN: “The Fed” is NOT the government. Our money should be the Treasury’s, which, of course, is the government. The problem is only our coins belong to the Treasury, the folding money and all the digit representations of it belong to “The Fed” which is a private banking consortium that we pay interest to let us use “their” notes. Kennedy authorized the Treasury to print “US Notes” (backed by silver) and The Fed killed him.


  1. 20% is dog and pony show? 20% of the folks in government do 80% of the work its documented! Trump news flash, lay off 80% of the do nothing losers and keep 20% who do the actual work! oh homi got it right! ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Sci17


  2. Butter or guns macro economics.Citizens paying more for services beneficial to the majority. There are programs to be cut and replaced with more effective ones. Defense is the easiest answer. High school foot ball.Funded free ways become toll ways.Energy policy. Drinking water policy.Farm irrigation policy.There are plenty of choices that will put more citizens to prosper our united states. We need gainfull employment now!


  3. If Trump can get companies and jobs for the majority of the people, build up our Nuclear Defense, and National Defense, build the wall and deport illegals and liberal socialist, then he can forfeit on the National debt, pull the Country back from the cliff.


  4. Yes, now the pres. Can look into wtf happened to the pocketing of some 4.2 trillion missing from the investigation of defense spending they couldn’t account for which brought on using a 911 as a cover up. Sorry SOB’s now Mr. Trump can roll some heads. This type of crap must be stop, caused by the old guard. (Somebody geta rope!!!)


    1. You mean Amerika’s most corrupt generation the Boomer Babies? I work with you military types and they all think the Pentagon can do no wrong…


  5. To fix everything. They do what they have been doing already, it’s so simple, just now place some extra (fake fed) money printing presses stationed at each level of government as to print what’s needed to pay the bills as they roll in. So why it’s so hard for them to figure this out since (fake fed) paper money is printed out of thin air anyway! We’re not broke as a nation as they say what they want is keep the masses under there total control! Its time to fight back for our god given right! Get off the system free yourself’s from their grip country men’s! And get our self’s back to real money gold and silver and the learning on how in growing your own food its really is easy not hard.


    1. We pay the Fed interest for that fake money, so if they print more they’ll just charge us more interest. The TREASURY needs to print our money and use that to pay the bills interest-free. But the Fed will kill anyone who tries it. Ask Kennedy.


  6. The illegal IRS agency must be removed along with the phony made up Federal Reserve. We can’t have them fool US anymore.

    A return to the Constitution and people MUST UNDERSTAND their Constitution and cannot be lazy or they will pull this one over you again and again – every generation.


  7. GET RID OF THE FED! Get rid of the pork in DC! Get rid of the lobbyists and special interest groups! Close the borders! Get rid of the ISIS cells and the drug cartels in this nation! Send programs back to the states. Pass a budget and stay within the budget. People this MUST be done, it will hurt for awhile but it will turn this nation around. God willing…


  8. He can tell the Federal Reserve errr the Rothchilds to go pound sand just like Iceland did.. Screw tax increases.. why should I pay for communists spending. I didn’t do it…


  9. Face the facts people. Trump will be increasing the deficit and hand of the balance books to the next guy like every other president has done before him. And believe it or not, the next guys are China and Russia. They will become, if not already, the next super powers as USA inc goes belly up. Not only that, USA’s territory will be divided up as spoils of a failed economic war. This is the blueprint for tyranny. BRICS nations have anticipated this and are ready to take over. It’s only a matter of time before hyperinflation hit and best case scenario only an act of God will save this nation. That said, do not put your faith in any man! Trump has been raised up only for failure and to dash the hearts of patriots once and for all. The cards are stacked, and enough is enough. Lastly, I leave you with this food for thought: Every fence or wall FEMA has put up has been to prevent the people from escaping. Trump will be following suit. USA Inc will become a debtor’s prison for us fools who were too self absorbed to raise up and take back all that the top .01 % luciferians willingly stole from the people. LHM


  10. a lot of the so called obamacare sign ups are actually getting medicaid plus more and more people who dont find a job or dont want to work anymore are getting disability, medicaid must be reformed, also welfare to raise revenue.
    may be inpose a vat tax to raise revenue,also everybody should pay some tax, 40% of people dont pay any tax they even get big refunds and pay zero taxes


  11. There was a time when Government employee salaries were well below their private sector counterparts. To compensate, they were provided with generous benefit packages; including the retirement plans that are sinking so many cities today. Give us twenty years and we will take care of you for life. In the mid-80’s Reagan increased salaries to be competitive with the private sector; his argument was that good people were leaving the public sector for better paying private sector jobs. This “conservative” did NOTHING to adjust the benefit packages to bring them in line with the private sector.


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