This is a crosspost from the other forum I regularly use. It is nothing less than a brazen attack on the very foundation of our American Constitutional Republic. It is one thing to be upset Trump won. It is one thing to peacefully protest his election. It is an entirely different thing to openly advocate the use of violence to prevent the peaceful transfer of power to Trump from Obama. The Snowflakes have stepped over the line and must accept the consequences for this act of SUBVERSION. The die has been cast. The Snowflakes will not be allowed to impede Trump being sworn in as POTUS. If they are deluded enough to think they are going to negate the election results, much less overthrow Trump before he becomes POTUS, they really have been smoking too much pot. It ain’t happening, Snowflakes.


I posted in another thread the Snowflakes/Anarchists are planning to unleash total chaos during Trump’s swearing in ceremony on the 20th. This generated a lot of dissing of the Snowflake mob. I decided to post this separately, although it can be combined with the original thread in a few hours, because they are now OPENLY STATING THEY OPPOSE THE PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER FROM THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO THE NEW POTUS TRUMP’S. Well, you see we have a word for that and it is called either TREASON, OR SUBVERSION, OR VIOLENT REVOLUTION.

Say what you want, but the Snowflakes have now ramped it up, and have taken things to the next level.

We can also expect the social anarchy to start before the 20th. I fully expect the chaos to start on January 16th, MLK’s birthday, or some have been making noise about the 14th.

The link below is a video where one of the heads of the Snowflake/Anarchist coaliton says “We don’t accept the peaceful transition of power because Trump is a fascist and we can do what we want to.” That is a paraphrase, but it gets the gist of what he is saying.…r-power-video/

FAR LEFT PROTESTERS Announce Plans to Shut Down Trump Inauguration (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft Jan 12th, 2017 3:57 pm 184 Comments

Far left protesters announced on Thursday at a press conference that their goal next week is to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

Protesters from Disrupt J20 have several events organized to disrupt the Trump Inauguration next week.

The group announced several activities next week including protesting the DeploraBall on Thursday night and numerous protests on Inauguration Day.

Via NTK Network:

NTK reported:

#DisruptJ20 organizer Legba Carrefour said Thursday that #DisruptJ20 members were “not in favor of the peaceful transition of power.”

The left-wing protest organization, #DisruptJ20, met Thursday to announce its intentions and plans to obstruct the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20. The group’s website reads: “We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over.”

“We need to stop the peaceful transition of power,” Carrefour said at a press conference at St. Stephen’s Church in Washington, DC. “We need to stop this kind of fascist government from coming to power.”

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  1. “We need to stop this fascist government…” How ignorant are they? The fasces in the House have been around a lot longer than they have.

    Who do think the black whore is that stands atop the Capital Dome? “Lady Liberty?” Ha!


    1. The lack of KNOWLEDGE here in the USA is BLATANT and SAD…Our Nation has had occult imagery since it’s conception…The Owl…The Masonic Occult leanings….The Iluminatti…and the above Persephone…not to mention Washington’s Obelisk….ALL Occult images, indicating that America’s leadership has not always been so HIGHLY God worshiping….SAD but TRUE!

      The SERIOUS QUESTION IS: How LONG will God’s patience last? And, WHAT will bring it to an end…and THEN JUDGMENT?!

      VERY POSSIBLY, these “Anarchists” may well be “the hand of God’s judgment” beginning…Lets PRAY their not! Let’s PRAY DESPERATELY that the Lord will deliver us, again, from the perverse plans of the EVIL ones….


  2. As an Anarchist, i do not agree with your use of the word. You watch too many purge movies. Anarchy is not about, chaos and rioting. It is simply being against all forms of government. True Anarchists dont give enough of a fuck about whatever person sheep elect to rule them to show up .


  3. WHY aren’t these terrorists in jail? If any of us, who disagreed with Obama, did this in 2008 or 2012 we would be in a cell never to see the light of day (and rightly so – our nation is KNOWN for our peaceful transition of power). Dammit, I am so angry with these special snowflakes and their whiny, crybaby, give me what I want/deserve/need or I’ll rip you apart temper tantrums! This is what happens when parents spare the rod and spoil the child. Sorry, my first ever post and I’m ranting like a crazy woman! Sorry, I’m just angry that this is even allowed to happen at all. BTW, if these terrorists are tear-gassed, maimed, imprisoned or worse, I do not care – they deserve everything that is coming to them for causing this unnecessary trouble. Bunch of a77h**** pr***s!!!


    1. The GOOD NEWS: It hasn’t happened yet…5000+ “Bikers For Trump” will arrive BEFORE that cupcakes can misbehave…PLUS 5000 National Guards…500 Marines, LOTS of local & Regional Police, AND Secret Service…(not to mention SWATT & ANTI-TERROR folks…

      The BAD NEWS: The “cupcakes” are bringing vicious & Radical elements along with them…

      The BEST NEWS: “Let the Games Begin”!!!


  4. I’ve heard that bikers from all over the country will be there as well as a lot of veterans just to add muscle to the police. It’s going to interesting to see how these snowflakes fare against them. Soros should be deported to any of the countries that have warrants for him and his thugs thrown under the jail. Too bad dungeons are no longer in use. That would be perfect for them.


  5. Doug, can you please provide an email address ASAP for me to send you some information on the founder of J20? Thank you.


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