The tragic deaths of 36 young people, so far, in the Oakland, California warehouse prove yet again we didn’t learn much from previous fire disasters.

It’s always the same story with these types of fire.

Incompetent city and fire officials.

Corrupt and incompetent building owners and managers.

Dangerous conditions, lack of smoke detectors, chained, locked or hard to find exits.

This all results in a lot of deaths that could have been prevented.

I have to say I can think of five or six nightclub fires that meet all of the above criteria.

While I have some sympathy for the young people who died, I mean really. Didn’t they notice the stairs to the second level were made of freaking wood pallets? Didn’t they notice the vast amount of wood, ie FUEL FOR THE FIRE, or the clutter, the lack of clearly visible fire exits?

Sorry, but people are responsible for a minimum level of situational awareness, and focus on how to live through something like this.

The result will be the building owner is going to get deep fried. The clown who ran the “artist’s space,” is road kill and will spend some serious time in jail. The city of Oakland, well I have a friend who lives in nearby Richmond and he tells me Oakland is a third world cesspool with collapsed government services. The behavior of the fire leaders is evidence of that. The Mayor of Oakland has long been known to be a PC fruitcake. I mean saying this isn’t a criminal matter is just plain ignorant.

Yep, the “system” should have dealt with this a long time ago. When the city inspector team was denied access, they should have called the Oakland police, kicked the door down and executed an “exigent circumstances fire inspection.” The city had to know there were some potentially lethal circumstances in that building.

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