I have been watching the ongoing recount farce over the last few weeks with an increasing admiration of how Donald Trump has played Hellary the Shrew, Jill the whore and George Soros. They have been outplayed and reduced to sputtering morons whining in the media, if they bother to make any public comments at all. I believe the true goal of Jill the whore was to so disrupt the election cycle that Wisconsin’s, Michigan’s and Pennsylvania’s electoral votes were not certified on December 13th. The result of that would be they couldn’t be counted on December 19th forcing Trump to have the House of Representatives “elect” him as POTUS. Jill the whore, Hellary the Shrew and Soros obviously thought this would cast aspersions on Trump’s Presidency and render him damaged goods.

Well, as I said earlier, once Jill the whore failed to meet Pennsylvania’s November 21st deadline, it was all over. Jill the whore, wanting to raise more money, continued the farce to no avail. The link below is the final death knell in her TREASON attempt.


Now that Jill the whore has officially withdrawn her court case seeking to force a  recount in Pennsylvania, all 20 Electoral college votes are Trump’s. This means he now has 280, or ten more than he needs at 270. Regardless of what happens in either Michigan or Wisconsin, Donald Trump is now POTUS. And no, “they” aren’t going to steal any electoral votes using the so called “faithless elector.” If any elector pledged to vote for Trump doesn’t do it, they will IMMEDIATELY BE REPLACED BY ONE WHO WILL. The one case of a “faithless elector” in Texas resulted in the man resigning and being replaced by a voter who will vote the result. Really, you should be now accept the reality I call the mainstream press the whore media for a reason; namely, they really are whore. The current hysteria over “faithless electors” is a case in point.

Donald Trump is the President Elect. He will be confirmed on December 13th. He will be confirmed on December 19th when the electors gather at all fifty state capitols and tally the 306 votes he got. And then, the House of Representatives will certify those results and Trump will become POTUS. Trump will be sworn in on January 20th. After that, the purges of the Marxist filth can begin in earnest.

My basic point is Trump gave Hellary a “get out of jail free card,” during his 60 Minutes interview with that creature Leslie Stahl. I won’t deny when I heard Trump call Hellary the Shrew a “good person,” I nearly had a stroke. Trump is a man of the deal. He values both loyalty and competence. When you make a deal with Donald Trump, you better keep to the terms. If you do not, he will come after you with a chainsaw. So, what did Hellary the Shrew do after she had called Donald Trump, conceded, and then agreed to go hide until March. Hellary, using her proxy,  Jill the whore, along with George Soros, began a highly divisive, recount farce solely meant to cheat Trump out of his victory. I can think of no action that would result in enraging Donald Trump more. Seriously, he made a deal with the Clinton Crime Cabal, and they screwed him. The result of that is Hellary essentially tore up her get out of jail free card, and is now fair game. It isn’t really a case of Trump “going after Hellary.” It is more a case of Trump just indicating to his new AG, Jeff Sessions, that the gloves are off. Sessions will also not “do anything.” He will merely inform the five FBI teams investigating the Clinton Foundation to continue with his full support. If you don’t think that Donald Trump has pulled off the gloves, then I will remind you of his comments about how foreign governments should investigate the Clinton Foundation by themselves. Trump is allowing two separate lines of attack, first the FBI, and second, the foreign governments, like Norway which gave them tens of millions of dollars.

Hellary the Shrew really is a stupid, arrogant bitch. She has opened herself up to not only the seething anger of Donald Trump, but the full investigative force of a restored FBI and DOJ with Sessions in charge. Sorry, Hellary, but you have made a political blunder of staggering proportions.

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