MILITANT ISLAM 101 11-29-2016

Yesterday’s terror attack in Ohio, which of course followed the mainstream media modus operandi of not telling the race of the person doing the attack, if they are a minority, or telling the religion of the attacker, if they are Muslim, is the logical result of Obama’s refugee policy. Obama really is a traitor. Obama’s refugee and immigration policies really have resulted in the deaths of innocent Americans. The Democrats really do have the blood of innocent Americans on their hands. Trump really is a radical departure from the Marxist treason of the last years under Obama,

Unfortunately, the time period from November 8th, 2016 to January 20th, 2017 is the most dangerous time period in American history. This is because Obama has unleashed a tidal wave of terror, not only from Militant Islam, but the Snowflake rioters. Snowflake rioters that are being intentionally aided by the same forces that are funding Jill the Whore’s now failed efforts to overthrow the American election.

The citizens of the USA are now facing at least two separate military level operations to destroy the country. The first is what I would call “Militant Islam 101,” or “ISIS basic terror attack: insert one Internet radicalized, young male Muslim refugee, add grievance of choice, weapon of choice, and stir well.” The young Somali man shot dead in Ohio yesterday fits all the usual Obama the Traitor boxes. He was settled by a liberal Catholic Church refugee group, at Federal taxpayer cost of course. He had problems fitting in, yada, yada, yada. I don’t care anymore. You don’t care anymore. Trump doesn’t care anymore. We have two months to live through the final debris of Obama’s immigration treason. After that, we can begin the purges. Here are some more thoughts on the issue.

ISIS released that video calling for lone wolf based knife attacks roughly 72 hours before this attack. This attack was also a complete duplicate of the Nice terror attack with the truck, minus the guns.


One. It is a lone wolf, or small group based attack.
Two. It uses anything available as a weapon. This includes automobiles, knives of all types and length, guns of all types, bombs and explosives if available.
Three. It is launched against a soft target.
Four. IT is designed to cause maximum terror, and result in maximum media coverage.
Five. It is also designed to play into the global ISIS media and terror network. It is designed to recruit other, lone wolf terrorists completely independent of ISIS.
Six. It is not linked to ISIS, nor funded, or planned by ISIS. It is a media based, independent recruitment and operational model that is designed to stay below the radar of the system.

This is what ISIS is up to. This is what we now face. This is what we can expect until Trump is sworn in two months from now.

Lock and load, Avoid large crowds. Expect the worst.

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