Well, my last post of warm and fuzzy didn’t last long, my faithful blog readers. My next post should be viewed as part explanation and part warning. If you think I am being theatrical, you don’t understand exactly what is going on. I firmly think the main result of the entire 2016 election cycle was one of revelation. I mean that the rock was kicked over, and the slimy, squirmy things were revealed for all to see. If you like, the light was shined on the cockroaches and they are running for their lives. Whether I am talking about Project Veritas, or the Wikileaks emails, or the behavior of both the media shills and the whore politicians, nobody in the USA can say they don’t know what is going on. In the case of the Hellary the Shrew supporters, I think it is more a case of they know, but they just don’t care.

We now have the election count Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. After having watched Bernie Sanders sell out to the Clinton Crime Cabal, we now have the Green Party leader Jill Stein playing the whore. Bernie Sanders was bought off with a $600,000 bribe that he used to buy the lakefront house in Vermont. I don’t know exactly how much money, or what Stein was offered. She managed to raise several million dollars over a few days, and at a rate that beggars description. The money came from Soros, or it came from the Clinton Foundation. I won’t deny proving that will be difficult, but that is what happened. My thoughts are below the link.While I don’t think the Soros funded theft of the election will actually happen, I think if it does we will move into Civil War Two phase. I have long felt the period between November 8th, 2016 and January 20th, 2017 is the most dangerous time period in America’s entire history. Now that the Clinton Crime Cabal, George Soros, and the corrupt Green Party have made the final possible move, everything is in motion now. can-you-hear-us-now

The link is here.


Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Says It Will Participate In Wisconsin Recount

The campaign also said it would participate in recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan if they went forward.

11/26/2016 11:27 am ET

If the Snowflakes think things are crazy now, just watch what happens if the Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania “recounts,” suddenly show Hellary winning the 270 Electoral votes?

The election will not be stolen. The election results will not be reversed. And if they are I have no doubt Trump will assume direct command of the loyal US military units, along with the rising of the armed militias and SNOWFLAKE BLOOD WILL FLOW. The corrupt Democrats will simply be summarily executed, along with the media shills.

Soros is playing a very, very dangerous game right now. Soros should be in fear for his life because the Deep State will take him out if he tries to reverse the election.

Jill Stein is the second liberal whore revealed in the 2016 Election. The first was Bernie and his $600,000 payment to buy the house and support Hellary. Stein is likely getting some money on the side from the Clinton foundation.

Stein just took down the Green Party permanently. Stein can’t win any recount. THE ONLY REASON FOR A RECOUNT IS TO STEAL A HELLARY WIN.
The left has gone insane. Mark my words, gang. If “they” actually do reverse the election, we will simply see mass executions of all Snowflakes and the Democratic Party leadership.

Yep, Stein sold out, just like Bernie did. By doing so, both Bernie and Stein have completely destroyed the credibility of the left wing in the USA.

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