I have decided that the only way to deal with the current hysteria about Trump is to give him enough rope to either hang himself, or a long enough leash. First, we have two months until Trump is sworn in. I think it is only fair to wait for two months, plus his 100 day “honeymoon,” before we reach for the pitchforks. I won’t say that every single action Trump, or his transition team has taken is positive. When I see neo con warmongers like Bolton running around, or RINO clowns like Preibus, Paul Ryan and Mitch the Bitch being given positions of authority, all I can do is hold my nose and wonder. When I see war criminals like Henry Kissinger, or RINO losers like Romney getting on the famous elevator at Trump tower, well that does make me nervous.

I will evaluate Donald Trump on how well he keeps his word. So far, for every toxic action, like Kissinger, there are several good things. Trump’s transition team has announced Jeff Sessions will be the new AG. Sessions will hopefully lead that corrupt B#%%%% Lynch in a perp walk wearing handcuffs. FBI Director Comey is road kill, even if he acts like he isn’t. Flynn is good, assuming he doesn’t have lobbyist ties to that fruitcake Erdogan in Turkey. The CIA pick is somewhat concerning since he likes to collect data on all American citizens. We shall see how that plays out. At least we now have people in our senior intelligence agencies that actually realize we are at war with Militant Islam. For such people I am sincerely grateful.

I will again remind my blog readers that the TRAITOR George Soros is openly planning a so called “Purple Revolution,” over the next 60 days that is designed to overthrow the new Trump Presidency. After having spent the last week dealing with rioting Snowflakes, you should realize the enemy is active, engaged and unleashing as much chaos as possible.

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