WHAT IS TRUMP UP TO 11-14-2016

I think of myself as more of a Never Hellary the Shrew than as a pro Donald Trump. While I voted for Donald Trump, I have always had issues with him. Trump has a rich punk vibe that I don’t like. This best came out in the Access Hollywood tape which highlighted the sense of entitlement I personally find so obnoxious. Trump also has an ego problem in my opinion. I think Supreme Self Confidence with Supreme Performance really is okay. I feel Supreme Self Confidence without Performance is arrogance and pride. I don’t like either. Still, given the choice between Hellary Clinton the corrupt monster and Donald Trump’s flaws, it is no contest. Anybody who voted for Hellary the Shrew voted for a criminal, a traitor and the most openly corrupt person ever to run for US President.

At any rate, after watching Trump appoint Priebus as his Chief of Staff, call Hellary the Shrew a “good person,” and indicate he is open to a potential amnesty program for the 10 to 30 million illegals already here. Illegals Trump said were “terrific people.” Sorry, but that sounds like the opening salvo in a Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and Priebus “amnesty program.” The “border wall,” is now the “border fence.” The “drain the swamp,” is now “I need a political hack, Priebus, who I will remind you all is the author of the 2012, “we need to suck up to all the illegals document,” Priebus wrote. Further, both Paul Ryan and Senator Graham of North Carolina praised Trump for appointing Mr. Hack Politician Priebus. WTF doesn’t quite cover it. If Trump decides he needs to be nice to the Soros funded Democrats, well they will eat him alive, stall anything he tries to get through either the Senate or House. Finally, did Mitch and Paul Ryan change their spots? Are they now fully supportive of Trump’s original immigration plan? I think not, blog readers. I think Mitch, Ryan and Priebus are now fully positioned, assuming both Ryan and Mitch stay in charge, to frustrate Trump’s immigration plan.

The link is here.


Trump has also apparently tired of New Jersey Governor Christie, another political hack, and sacked him from leading the transition team.

The link is here.


Next I have the dubious distinction of being subject to what I can only call “Snowflakes gone wild,” syndrome up here in Portland, Oregon. The link to my observations and comments over at timebomb is here.


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