I plan to begin a series of blog posts informing Donald Trump of what I think he needs to do to “Make America Great” again. I expect, assuming he reads my blog entries, which I am not delusional enough to think will happen, he will thank me for my advice, and then do whatever he intended to do in the first place. After all, the “Donald” really is the “Donald.”

One of the many reasons patriots voted for Donald Trump, and the reasons were legion, was to prevent the US Supreme Court, along with the diseased Federal Court System, from being fully destroyed by a tidal wave of Marxist judges. Trump will prevent that, but it isn’t enough. It isn’t enough to prevent further damage to the Federal Court System. Trump must begin to heal the damage, and make sure it can’t get any worse. 

My main suggestion for President Trump, and I know he is President elect, is for him to tell the Republican controlled US Senate to pass a law that required all Federal and Supreme Court Judges to retire at age 70. In the case of the entire Federal Court System it would immediately force out a whole horde of uber liberal, Marxist “activist judges,” who ignore the fact that judges are meant to review laws passed by the legislative branch and NOT TO MAKE LAWS THEMSELVES. Further, it would immediately remove that Marxist fruitcake Ginsburg, who should have been IMPEACHED for her political comments on Trump during the election. It would also immediately remove Kennedy the closet liberal. The liberal justice Breyer would be gone in two years. Thomas would also be gone, but I have always felt he was a very strange judge indeed, so I will not miss him.

If President Trump does this it will purge the entire Federal Court System, at all levels, of many, not all, but many of the Marxist judges now infesting it.

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