I will bluntly say that it is now clear that FBI Director Comey is a traitor. He is not a man of honor, or personal integrity, and is a weasel like as been said before.  We now have a situation in the USA where the top two Federal law enforcement officials, FBI Director Comey, and AG Lynch, are both brazen criminals and traitors. Comey has now permanently destroyed the rule of law with his second mind game on the Clinton Emails. I said in a previous post that Comey was trying to distract attention away from two things. The first was the fact the Obama regularly used the Clinton email server to communicate with his senior officials in order to bypass transparency. Remember when Obama said he would have the most transparent administration in American history? ROTFLMAO Do you remember when he was given the Nobel Peace Prize, and then out drone striked Bush?

The second thing was the sexual blackmail, and perverted escapades of both the sexual predator Weiner, along with the convicted pedophile Epstein. Epstein of the “Lolita Express,” to his Virgin Island, and what a savage irony the man who destroyed the virginity of dozens of innocent children, has an island in the Virgin Islands. I would remind you all of what I wrote earlier about Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of England perversion flights to engage in the rape of minor children. And now that the sleazy, sickening Satan worship aspect has come out, it is clear what the traitor Comey was really covering up, and using the scam second investigation to hide.

I will speak plainly. Jesus expressly said that the abuse of children is worthy of the death penalty. The “pacifist Jesus,” bluntly said that child abusers, molesters and pedophiles would be better off if they tied a millstone, which was a one ton rock used to grind flour, around their neck and jumped into the Atlantic Ocean. The corrupt, degenerate and perverted leadership in the USA has betrayed and abandoned any sense of moral virtue. It is now clear they may very well escape judgment down here, for as Trump has said many times, “The game is rigged.” However, I will tell all my blog readers that God himself, under the full authority and mantle of DIVINE POWER AND JUDGMENT, will savagely, brutally, and without any mercy, judge those who abuse children in any way shape or form. Personally, child abuse is the one time the wrath of God, IRIS DEI, comes into play with no appeal, no mercy and no escape. For those of you who don’t believe in hell, all I can say is if you don’t put child abusers there, then what is the point of judgment and hell?

At any rate, all illusions are now gone regarding the moral legitimacy of the US government at pretty much all levels. What the Chinese called “The Mandate of Heaven” is no longer valid in the USA. Further, now that rule of law has totally collapsed, the basic moral authority, and legal sanction, for all government actions no longer exists. Frankly, we no longer have to obey the lawful orders of any government official or agency at any level because they are no longer lawful. The reason they are no longer lawful is the rule of law no longer exists in the USA. The reason it no longer exists is not merely because of the Clinton Crime Cabal, but the OPEN TREASON of senior government officials, ESPECIALLY AT THE FBI AND THE DOJ.

I am neither amazed, or surprised, or even frankly appalled that this has happened. Comey is a moral coward, a corrupt and venal man who has now effectively destroyed the FBI. In fact, despite the crowing now going on by the Clintonistas, those squalid, ignorant, morally deficient fools, a savage rage is now building among the common people. Finally, I can not predict how that seething populist based rage will play out. I will remind my blog readers that if you use one pound of plutonium in a nuclear reactor you get power. However, if you put in a nuclear warhead you get a blast zone of several miles. The populist detonation is coming. I just don’t know if it will be a contained, sustained fission reaction in a nuclear reactor, or a flash of light followed by a superheated blast wave.

One thing is now very clear to me. We are very close to the point, which will be reached on November 9th, the day after what I feel, if Hellary the Shrew is elected, the final one America ever has, where at best a campaign of civil disobedience begins, or at worst, we start the early phases of Civil War Two. Again, the difference between a nuclear power plant and an ICBM air burst. It was JFK who said, “Those who make peaceful change impossible make violence inevitable.” We are literally on the edge of the abyss here. Clinton is dancing on the rim of Mount Doom, howling with glee she now has the ring of power. The folly of Clinton is she either doesn’t know, or even care, she is going to trigger the end game of the American Republic. I have quoted Baltasar Gracian before. I will quote him again. “NEVER CONTEND WITH A MAN WHO HAS NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE.” The Marxist fools now burning Trump supporter trucks, or vandalizing Trump’s hotels, or stealing lawn signs, or attacking Trump supporters have forgotten, if they ever really knew, Baltasar’s wise words.

Patriots will not contend with Hellary the Shrew’s Marxist supporters forever. 
We will not endure your abuse, you violence and your contempt forever. You have attacked us without cause, but we are still here. You have sneered at us, mocked us, but we are still here. You have called us beyond redemption, but we are still here. You have called us deplorables, but we are still here. You have threatened Turmp’s supporters, bullied us, spit on us, but we are still here. You have called us racists, bigots, ignorant, stupid, morons, but we are still here. I say to the Marxist fools we are not going anywhere. We have had enough. We are angry beyond endurance. We have nothing left to lose; we are armed. 

Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at www.doomerdoug.wordpress.com
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  1. Thank you for telling the unvarnished, brutal truth. When others dismiss you (and you and I know who they are) you are free to serve God alone. You no longer have to go along to get along. God has you right where He wants you, saying what He wants said, for such a time as this.
    Anna, under the protection of His faithfulness in Englewood, FL


  2. Amen to that Doug! There are few things more dangerous than a wounded animal and that is exactly what American Patriots are right now. I have had my fill of turning the other cheek and if there is no rule of law for the left and the elite then i will not abide by their laws either when it comes to seeking justice and the return of the United States of America.


  3. Good points, but drop the nuclear bomb comments since there aren’t any atomic bombs.
    And Yes, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed just like Tokyo.
    It’s a hoax created to manipulate the masses through fear porn.
    Don’t support the hoax.
    Do some research…….


    1. I grew up in Richland WA next to Hanford where they made the Plutonium for the second bomb dropped on Nakasaki. I like a good conspiracy as well as the next person, but Truman did drop the nukes in order to keep Russia out of Japan, avoid an invasion that would have killed millions. Nuclear power, nuclear weapons are quite real. Fukushima is quite real and will likely be the death of us all.


    2. Tell that to the Bikini Islanders…
      No matter what the bomb types used to destroy those two Japanese cities,
      the greatest, single-event massacre in human history is still the fire-bombing
      of Dresden, Germany on Feb 13, 1945 … Ash Wednesday … chosen as a
      Jewish mockery of German spiritual/cultural values.


  4. Well said!!!! We are at a crossroads for the human race. One way leads to total tyranny and destruction of the human race, for if Hillary gets in she will take us to WWIII. Putin dislikes her and will not take any garbage she hands out.

    If trump by some miracle gets in we may avoid war, but there is no way out of a total collapse of the western banking system. That for all of you to understand is a mathematical certainty. There will be many who don’t survive, and many will go from riches to poverty overnight, but Trump, being a smart business man may be able to cut our losses and convince the Chinese to lease us some gold to back so we can enter in a new gold backed trading system which is emerging right now.

    Otherwise the US will sink into oblivion no matter what happens after the election.

    As I see it there are two ways to go here. One is to stand up and take back this country by force, because words are not working, or lay down and die by the hand of some very psychopathic dark entities who call themselves human beings.




  5. 07/11/16 Excellent article, and very good comments.
    It makes me very sad reading this article, when the people of the USA are being forced to stand-up physically, or be obliterated. Here in the UK, I was one of those fighting for the Brexit. I thInk that it was a miracle that we actually won the Brexit . Now the elite are trying to find ways to deny the 19.000,000 people in Britain (52% of the vote), who voted to get out of the Socialistic EU, on that once in a lifetime day of 23rd June 2016. The EU is also run by faceless lunatics, who care nothing for the peoples of Europe. We were better off before 1973, the year we joined the EU. What’s happening with the elites insisting on a Hilary win, even though most of us know that she is obviously mentally unstable? If she by another miracle actually loses, I guarantee, she will personally explode one way or the other. The elite are like very small spoiled children. If they don’t get thier way, they stomp their feet and can go completely beserk. My prayers are with TRUMP, as I believe rthe USA needs time to refine itself, and kick out SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM, which are in fact failed POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES.
    As Putin, and he should know as he used to be the head of the KGB, or the secret police of the former Communist Soviet Union. He has publically stated many times to the USA. don’t go down the road of COMMUNISM, as it will not be good for the PEOPLE! May God help Donald trump to win and make peace with Russia, and not as mad Hilary, start WWIII. Please do check out my website as I think that we have a lot in common. Here is Britain we need a new Oliver Cromwell, which I wrote about before the Brexit happened.



    Best Wishes,

    E-mail: strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk


  6. Does anyone else wonder why a NY billionaire liberal playboy became the “leader” of the liberty movement? How it happened provides clues


    1. Good point there. Trump is a mason.
      It was gonna be Hillary all along.
      America as a nation is over. But you have to kill a Christian, and then you still can’t defeat one.


  7. GOD says HIS mercy on america is ending and after the First of the year JUDGEMENT STARTS,I would advise all you out there to understand one thing,YOUR ABOUT TO BE ATTACKED,and you better QUIT running around UNARMED,hell is coming to breakfast and VERY FEW are ready for it….WE SEE RIGHT NOW ..THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS are looking like the attack will begin,UN LIMITED WARFARE ON AMERICA,sadly not many care if their family is slaughtered…….


  8. They probably have a picture of the FBI director having sex with an animal, or worse and he is not man enough to stop them by allowing the exposure and doing what is right.


  9. Thank you Bro Doug for speaking on this ugly truth – The Lord will have NO MERCY for these evil EVIL SCUMS who stick their noses in nephillim’s BUTT HOLES for a bit of Ba’alish power for a Vapor of Time are as PHOOLISH as their god Lucie! – They design their very Worm that’ll torment them day in day out Forever AND EVER! The Eternal HELL of the LAKE OF FIRE WILL ALSO BE ANOTHER TORMENT!
    They could torture us til death – this torture will be a blissful time compared to what the Lord has in store for them! Precious are these little ones – WOE to them who do these despicable rotten deeds! Sa’tan is a Liar & he hates his own minions, especially mankind who does his will! The devil has a zero chance of winning!
    They may loath us But we Pity Them! I’d not be surprised if they Martyr’d me but I know my (our) God will make all thing’s RIGHT – We’re Homesick anyway.

    While they burn in Hell we have Revelation chapter 22! THANK YOU JESUS!

    …Hebrew’s 13:6…

    God Bless
    You All


  10. […] Inside Germany’s No-Go Zones: Part I – North Rhine-Westphalia:Mass, unvetted immigration from Africa, Asia and the Middle East is turning parts of Germany into no-go zones — lawless areas where the state has effectively lost control WIKILEAKS,IMPLICATES HILLARY CLINTON IN BOTH VINCE FOSTER AND RON BROWNS MURDERS-‘the crash instead has the earmarks of Hillary’s method of disposing of an inconveniently talkative Commerce Secretary Ron Brown Steve Quayle, Doug & Joe Hagmann, Dave Hodges-CSS 2016 Pre-Election Special: America On the Brink:3 HOUR RECORDED RADIO INTERVIEW- Comey Announcement NOT Credible – Special Alert!–MUST WATCH DICK MORRIS NAILS COMEY-PAY ATTENTION TO THE 777,000 SECONDS HE MENTIONS THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF FBI HAVING REVIEWED THE EMAILS-THE WHOLE THING STINKS! ‘DOOMER DOUG’-FBI DIRECTOR COMEY IS A TRAITOR 11-6-2016:’TIS THE SEASON FOR SO MUC… […]


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