I have been hearing a lot of hysteria over Hellary the Vile Bitch, or Obama the Marxist Tyrant, declaring Martial Law to deal with post election chaos. I am not saying either of them won’t try to do so.

I am saying they were never in the US military, and have no understanding of military culture, military attitudes, or military sense of honor, integrity and patriotism. If they did, they would realize they have no Martial Law option at all.

The fact the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, a globalist, Marxist stooge to be sure, was forced to issue a public statement on the election tells me my assessment is correct. The Globalist Stooges at all levels of senior command in all five military services, realize any order they gave to suppress internal, domestic, political dissent would cause the immediate collapse of the US military. If they didn’t think that, then the Joint Chief’s head wouldn’t have made the public statement.

I think some elements of the Obama military will not hesitate to crush Patriotic dissent. I also think some elements, mostly the enlisted and lower NCO ranks, will link up with various state governors, under the authority of a Trump based coherent opposition government. However, most of the active duty military will simply go home and try to avoid getting involved, unless they are forced to by either side. 

Martial Law

One final thing related to a Federal Government declaration of Martial Law. The people obsessing over martial law are not making an accurate assessment of what is really going to happen because their assumptions are wrong.

“They,” the powers that be are assuming the military won’t collapse along racial, economic, class and ideological lines. They are assuming the combat units maintain squad integrity. In reality, on a unit by unit, service by service basis, squad by squad basis, they will simply disintegrate.

The military when ordered to impose Martial Law by a Federal Government that is totally despised, and held in contempt and thought to have NO legal authority to issue these orders, will simply choose to go home. The Marxist elements will follow Hellary’s orders, but the Patriot elements will defect and join the Texas National Guard, or they will simply declare neutrality and head back home to their families and area where they grew up.

If Hellary then attempts to force them back, they will then decide to fight her.

Yep, this idea we have a coherent American military doesn’t reflect the current reality.

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  1. Doug, I have read reports that there are a lot of foreign soldiers on US soil…..many of them being Russian, and other Europeans. I know one lady who saw Russians, in TX. A radio broadcaster once said he saw Russian military in Colorado, so he asked one of them if he would ever fire on Americans….he refused to reply. I listen to another broadcaster who is aware of a lot of different foreign military guys in the States, including Alaska. They don’t dress any differently, so they aren’t that noticeable. I do believe Hillary or Obama would get them to rise up against us.
    And, what about all the Muslims Obama is flying in, daily…..I have no idea where they’re going….some reports are that they’re sent to some of our bases…I’ve had the distinct feeling that Obama will send some kind of a trigger that will cause them to start a false flag scenario and worse.


    1. My point was related to domestic US military forces. Personally, I haven’t seen any foreign troops running around. I do think that if/when “they” make their move it will be with UN troops from various nations and of somewhat dubious quality. Given the situation with Russia and Putin, I just can’t see Putin sending in Russian troops in support of either Hellary the Bitch, or Obama the Marxist Tyrant.
      Now as to whether, after we have trashed our nation pretty good, they will then invade and pick up the pieces, well I don’t rule that out. On the other hand, I just can’t get to bothered by a bunch of UN Zambian troops trying to kill me off. UN troops going up against a bunch of pissed off military veterans won’t last too long in my opinion.


  2. Do you have a link to this statment by the chairman?

    I know Gen. BetrayuUs just came out and said he wants a no fly zone in Syria = WWIII. Same as Hillary.


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