I got the following email from the FCC today, roughly 24 hours after I originally filed my CNN complaint. The FCC claims they have no right to interfere with CNN’s free speech rights. Well, duh my whole point is CNN is suppressing free speech. The FCC apparently feels they can’t censor CNN when my ENTIRE POINT OF THE COMPLAINT IS CNN IS CENSORING FREE SPEECH. At any rate, besides this immediate refusal to deal with CNN censorship, we also have a culture of sexual perversion and degenerate actions within the FCC itself.

The link here tells of the total depravity of the government agency opening supporting CNN censorship. I GUESS THE FCC TYPES WERE TOO BUSY WATCHING PORNOGRAPHY AND ENGAGING IN WILD SEX ON THEIR OFFICE DESKS!

And finally, here is the link to the local NBC TV station here in Portland, Oregon where the FCC Public Inspection Files are openly published by them. The FCC is saying they can regulate broadcast TV, but not cable TV. Now that Donald Trump has released his 100 day program, I can hope he goes after the incompetent, sex perverts now infesting the Federal Communications Commission.


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