Of course, I expect nothing will be done about CNN’s blatant, totally biased news coverage of the 2016 election. Still, before the USA collapses into blood, fire and chaos, I will play the game until the shooting starts. Nobody will be able to say to Doomer Doug, once the bodies start to pile up and the blood flows, that he didn’t do everything in his power to prevent Civil War Two. I know we are long past the reform stage, even if Donald Trump is elected. Trump may be able to slow down the rot, but he will not be able to reverse it.

The complaint below refers to the CNN “technical glitch” that happened when a Republican Congressman mentioned the Wikileaks story. Suddenly, he was cut off. In my view this is an act of TREASON and subject to the full sanction of the FCC, and yes I am talking about the Obama Marxist FCC, but I will still play the game.



I have become increasingly enraged by the blatant bias in the media. The last time I checked corporate media outfits, like CNN, are legally required to “provide public service,” in return for being granted a broadcast license. I also know the local TV stations are required to keep a detailed log of all their “public service” announcements. Of course, you allow them to make them at 3 am, if they even bother to do them at all. SHAME ON YOU! THE FCC has failed to require corrupt media blobs like CNN to actually provide fair, balanced and honest reporting. You

have betrayed, abandoned the American people to please the media corporations allowed, under the 1997 repeal of the media concentration laws, to become unchecked, totally corrupt and biased media cartels while the FCC did nothing.

At any rate, I am formerly filing this, although the FCC sold out nearly 20 years ago. I want CNN broadcast license pulled for cause. I want them forced to sell their assets to another group that will not be such corrupt turds.

Hell, if Trump manages to avoid having CNN steal the election from him, perhaps we can reinstate the original media anti-cartel laws the uni party gutted back in 1997.

I expect nothing from you, especially after watching the FBI destroy the rule of law with Clinton’s treason. Still, I want the #$%%% at CNN held accountable for their ongoing, blatant and TREASONOUS actions under the color of using airwaves that belong to the people!


CNN “Loses” Satellite Feed Just As Republican Congressman Mentions WikiLeaks

by Tyler Durden

Oct 19, 2016 1:30 PM

In yet another coincidentally-timed “technical glitch” at CNN, Republican Congressman Chris Collins was cut off within seconds of mentioning “WikiLeaks.”  Per InfoWars, Collins joined a conversation with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and immediately went on the attack against Hillary.  But as soon as he utters the word “WikiLeaks” his feed is suddenly “lost.”

Two thirds of the public know that Hillary Clinton’s a liar, she can’t be trusted and now the two faces of Hillary are coming out – the fact through Wikileaks she says one thing and….


Of course, this isn’t the first time someone’s video feed has been “lost” while criticizing Hillary.  Back in July we noted the following example as well:


Finally, we’ll leave you with this lovely clip of Larry King assuring Bill Clinton all the way back in 1992 that Ted Turner (founder of CNN) would “serve him”…and what a fantastic service he has been.

“It’s crazy – Ted Turner changed the world.  He’s a big fan of yours.  He would serve you…you know what I mean?”

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    1. Since FBI Director Comey has destroyed the rule of law in the USA by pardoning Clinton’s Treason, I have no illusions anything will be done about this CNN corruption. It is simply a matter of when Civil War Two finally starts, as soon as November 9th, I want my hands free of the looming bloodshed. I will not start Civil War Two, but I assure you I will die finishing it.


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