One thing I will say for Vlad the Impaler, Vladamir Putin, is he takes no fecal material from anybody. As we stumble towards a potential World War Three, with the kind of sequential deployments and troop movements that point to disaster, we find an in your face Russian Naval deployment towards England. Of course, this isn’t the World War Two era Royal Navy, much less even the Falkland’s one. The British Royal Navy that is being “scrambled” to intercept the Russian Air Craft Carrier is pathetic indeed.

The point I want to make here blog readers isn’t military at all. Vlad the Impaler could vaporize the rusting relics now called the Royal Navy in one cruise missile salvo. No, Vlad the Impaler understands history, and he understands the use of psychology to shatter the enemy before the first shot is fired. The historical backdrop to this “forcing of the English Channel,” is one of the total humiliation of the Royal Navy.

The story is two days before  Britain surrendered Singapore to Japan, on February 11th to 13th 1942, the German Navy made a run from the French port Brest, up the English Channel, and back to Kiel. It was called Operation Cerberus  and totally humiliated both the Royal Navy and Churchill’s government. In fact, the combination of the loss of Singapore on February 15th, 1942, often called the single greatest military defeat in modern British history, with the Kriegsmarine calmly sailing two battleships and one heavy cruiser up the English Channel nearly forced Winston to resign as Prime Minister. The Royal Navy was unable to deploy a single battleship against the Germans. The RAF lost over 50 planes in failed attacks. It was the low point of World War Two for England.

Vladamir Putin reads history. Vlad the Impaler realizes, even if only one out of one thousand people now living in Britain have ever heard of Operation Cerberus, exactly the message he is sending to England. It is a message of total, absolute military superiority over England. Vlad is saying to the neo con warmongers, both in England and here in the USA, that if you screw with me I will kill you. The only reasonable explanation for the Russian Navy to deploy a combat ready Aircraft Carrier Task Force, conduct combat training drills near Scotland and then calmly cruise one mile off the English Coast on their way to Syria, is simple. Putin is showing England’s RAF that the first Russian plane they shoot down in Syria will be their last. Whether the brain dead neo cons will get that message is unclear. If they do not, well let’s just say very bad things will happen to RAF airbases inside of England.

Vlad is telling the British Prime Minister he is fully able and willing to execute Operation Cerebus phase two. Vlad is saying that it is up to England, NATO and the USA what, if anything, happens after that.

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Daily Mail: Royal Navy races to intercept heavily-armed Russian aircraft carrier

Royal Navy races to intercept heavily-armed Russian aircraft carrier
heading for English Channel as it practises bombing raids near Scotland
ahead of Syrian mission

Russia’s flagship and seven additional vessels will pass UK on way to Syria
The large fleet is expected to carry out practice bombing north of Scotland
British warships will be scrambled by Royal Navy to navigate fleet
past UK Warships could sail down the English Channel – a mile off the British coast

By Alexander Robertson For Mailonline
Published: 04:35 EST, 15 October 2016 | Updated: 12:56 EST, 15 October 2016

The Royal Navy is on red alert after it was revealed that Russia plans
to sail a fleet of warships along the British coast as it makes it way to Syria.

Russia’s flagship Admiral Kuznetsov and seven additional vessels will pass
the UK on their voyage to the war-torn country as it prepares to bomb
rebel forces in Aleppo.

The fleet is expected to carry out practice bombing
north of Scotland before potentially sailing down
the English Channel – a mile off the coast of Britain.

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