The Asians have a concept called Saving Face. It means you never openly humiliate someone. However, as the event happened when Obama went to visit China, it is clear the level of contempt by China to the USA, especially Obama, is intense. China clearly doesn’t take the USA, Obama or his role as POTUS and CIC very seriously. The only reasonable explanation for the actions of the Chinese officials is they despise Obama and don’t respect the USA anymore. The public nature of Obama’s slapdown means China no longer cares who knows about its open contempt for the USA.

I think this event will be seen as a watershed moment in relations between the USA and China.

The link is here.

Context is everything in this type of political and diplomatic relationship.
My take on this it must be viewed in the context of a resurgent China, openly challenging the Western, ie USA, military, economic and political power. China is saying that not only is China ours, but the entire Pacific is. If you look at what China has been doing the last twenty years or so, especially in Africa, South America and Asia you see a budding imperial power. China is no longer to take any fecal material from the USA about ANYTHING.

China assets full control of the ENTIRE SOUTH CHINA SEA. They assert control over the entire Pacific Region. China loans us money, and sees how economically stupid we are. They despise us for being arrogant bullies, weak of character, especially Obama and his ideology, plus they think we are economic basket cases.

This incident shows they truly despise us and have had enough. I have to say it is much, much worse than Obama. China has a fundamental contempt for the USA in all ways. For one thing, they think they can take us and vaporize our carriers with their hypersonic missiles and torpedoes. They are certainly thinking about taking Taiwan and the whole island chain.

War in the Pacific is coming because China looks at Obama and sneers. Now whether Trump could make them back off, I really don’t know.

The other context of this is the Chinese billionaire, Mr. Ma just said it was free trade between the USA and China OR WAR!

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