HERE WE GO AGAIN? 7-16-2016

Those of us who lived through the Iranian Hostage Crisis are starting to get that spidey tingling feeling Spiderman was always talking about. The coup, or fake coup, in Turkey has apparently failed. I will also point out we have a NATO member Turkey now engaged in open war crimes, as in the torture and murder of POW’s. The rest of NATO is also apparently okay with Turkey doing what it sent Serbians to jail for in Yugoslavia. Greece, another NATO member, is also going to extradite the 8 officers back to Turkey where they will likely be shot immediately. Go NATO.

The link below has the Turkish PM saying that unless the United States returns this Gulen fellow, like the Shah of Iran, it will mean war with Turkey. The last time around we ended up with a stormed embassy in Tehran, and a hostage crisis that lasted for months. Ergo, if Erdogan is serious about this, we may have an American hostage situation all over again. It is also being reported the Turks are sealing the air base with the American nuclear weapons. Great! The Iranian Hostage Crisis with nukes!

Turkish PM: Any country that stands by cleric Gulen
will be at war with Turkey

Sat Jul 16, 2016 6:11am EDT…-idUSKCN0ZW0K5

  We can now expect the mentally unstable Erdogan to go all out in full Hitler, or Saddam Hussein mode. We will see masses of people targeted, like the 2,000 judges just sacked. 

Conflict News ‏@Conflicts 54m
BREAKING: Turkey’s top judicial body HSYK
lays off 2,745 judges after extraordinary meeting – @DailySabah

Yes indeed, things are going to get interesting now.  We have NATO, Kerry and the Europeans congratulating Turkey for putting down the coup and saving Democracy in Turkey. Meanwhile, the Turks are using that democracy to openly murder the soldiers and dumping their bodies in the strait. Go Kerry!

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