THE IDES OF JULY 7-14-2016

I have never thought that Militant Islam lacked panache, as well as a certain level of brazen lunacy, in its terror attacks. I have long felt they remain fully capable of large scale, well planned, well executed and totally devastating terror attacks. The events in France today prove my instincts to be correct. We are now seeing nothing less than a full attack on Secular, Democratic, Free Western society. There will be no going back now. The PC crowd has totally lost any possible cover for viewing Islam as anything less than an total threat to Western Civilization. The long awaited “Clash of Civilization’s began today in France. This is not a “terror attack.” THIS IS AN OPEN DECLARATION OF WAR ON SECULAR WESTERN SOCIETY. It will either be treated as such, fought against as such, or Western Europe will not last out the year.

The links are here.

And here.

‘At least 60 dead and 100 injured’ as lorry crashes into crowd of revellers celebrating in France ‘terror attack’

Here is the link where the French Intelligence Chief warns of “Civil War.”

My comments are here.

France will certainly be in civil war after today’s massive tidal wave of terror. Le Pen just got elected to rule France when the election happens in the near future.

Militant Islam is certainly brazen if nothing else. Today’s attacks are a fundamental strike at the foundation of French secular society. We will either see France collapse in the next six months, or we will see such a savage, brutal and vicious populist backlash that has Muslims hanging from the trees from one end of France to the other.

The multicultural model just totally collapsed in France. Whether French society can pull it together and deal with Militant Islam remains to be seen. One thing for sure is the hard right anti-Muslim parties and ideology just got a shot of pure octane jet fuel.

Nobody will be laughing at Le Pen from now on.

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  1. The French, like the Germans and other EU subjects(slaves) are condoning Muslim invaders to the max. Killings, rapes, theft, mayhem, total chaos daily. No alpha males in the EU, all just a bunch of cowards. They reap what they sow for their apathy and inability to use logic with the issues at hand. When the H will they realize they’ve trashed their own countries?? Soon executions of so called infidels when Muslims outnumber the slaves. Women will be slaves for sure and girls forced into marriages. EU males will run and hide no doubt.


    1. We in th U.S. Just had John Kerry declare that “we” are now going to bring 10,000 of these refugees this year as a “special class” of immigrants which means they will get free homes and about 70,000 per year of free money from taxpayers.

      This is sheer lunacy and nothing but a huge betrayal of taxpayers and a money grab for the big government globalists


    2. I agree, Laura M. I don’t see the French protecting their sovereignty at all in the near future. I think they will just sit by and take it, year after year after year. If I recall, isn’t France a gun-free society? There you go. How ya gonna protect your family and/or country with no weapons? Answer: YOU CAN’T. If France doesn’t get their act together, and begin allowing citizens to arm themselves, they’re finished. France, Sweden, Germany, etc.. It doesn’t matter. Europe is toast.


      1. What is so baffling, is Americans touring the EU, several killed last night in France. Ignorance is bliss even for stupid Americans touring hell holes like France. France like other Eu countries are so decadent, dumbed down from media, apostate churches, and gov. schools, and self absorbed, that they will soon become a caliphate with out a whimper. Females will be taken as slaves. Have these Europeans ever studied history? Dumbed down idiots, incl Americans touring these hell holes. I use the travel channel with wide screen TV, can’t get any better than that. Avoid crowds (any kind) anywhere now days.

  2. the men of the EU have had there testicles removed by there government leaders, it’s time for them to stand up and demand hangings of every judge and bureaucrat who has done this to them. the French people need to burn the damn government BUILDINGS DOWN AND grab HOLLAND AND HIS SICK AND DEMENTED ADMINSTRATION AND hang THEM ALONG WITH THE LUNATIC ISLMAICS. GRAB Every Globalist OUT OF THERE HIGH RISE OFFICE Buildings AND HANG THEM.


    1. They have been gelded in the EU, leaders are neo Marxist-pro Islamic to the max. Globalist agenda for a world wide tyrannical dictatorship. The masses will be enslaved with little resistance.


  3. I don’t consider myself an alpha male, but I can only be pushed so far. Don’t count the French out just yet. We know how much they love their guillotines. There’ll be so many Muslim heads rolling around they’ll have to open up 100 new bowling centers just to accommodate them.


  4. Correct no doubt about it . . .and without a god for the Christians to believe in they are doomed.
    The Nors men of lore were renound for their no-fear in battle. WHY?
    Because they knew they would go to Valhalla if killed, same with these guys, brainwashed into doing evil acts in the name of Walla!!!


  5. Very right. Europe soon in civil war.
    chief of police said in this week ( that an event like this will explode french society
    Here’s the event that was staged and the driver is a patsy. I promise.
    Europe end UE are economic collpse and they need events to justify theyr incompetence and collapse.
    Do not believe in ANY EUROPEAN SOCIALIST POLITICIAN, i know them, i worked with them, they are snakes, they do not have any paradigme of life, only political and mediatical power.


  6. Unfortunately the Europeans are paying exacting a high price for there godlessness and multicultural lunatic ways. God has given them all up to there own reprobate minds and we are witnessing the result of this . the u.s. is also witnessing the result of there godlessness also, and the end is in sight for us now.


  7. […] THE IDES OF JULY 7-14-2016:The long awaited ‘Clash of Civilization’s began today in France. … STOCKMAN’S CORNER Helicopter Money——That is, a rogue central bank that has seized plenary financial power already, and that is so mummified in groupthink that it will stop at nothing in the expansion of its remitThe Biggest Fed Power Grab Yet Obama announces deployment of about 1,000 US soldiers in Poland;SQ-AS THINGS BECOME WORSE ,LOOK FOR MORE MILITARY DEPLOYMENTS OVERSEAS TO KEEP MILITARY OUT OF COUNTRY SO TAKE OVER IN U.S. CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED! Did The CDC Trash The Data On The MMR To Hide Its Success As A Genetically Targeted (Anti-Black) Vaccine? I WARNED ABOUT THIS 20 YEARS AGO -GENETIC WEAPONS WILL BE AND HAVE BEEN USED BY THE GLOBALISTS […]


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