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Jez, since they aren’t in custody or dead they must have some idea of what they are doing. When I talk about a military level ambush, I am talking about the tactics, the weapons and the planning level. In this Dallas case it is flawless execution, detailed planning, right down to body armor, and proper choice of weapons and tactics. They had lethal weapons; they had the high ground, body armor. They were also pretty good shots, which implies a scope at the minimum.

They may be members of the New Black Panthers, or muzzie Black Islam, or just military veterans. The fact there are two of them, working in concert also indicates we are dealing with a cell. The fact there “may be” up to 18 other cities involved tells me we are looking at a conspiracy with many members in it.

It is entirely possible we are now dealing with the “armed wing” of Black Lives Matter movement. The IRA had a political wing, and they had a military wing that did the various bombings. This “armed wing” scenario is CLASSIC MARXIST TERROR/MILITARY DOCTRINE.

We are dealing with Marxists since 2008, so it is no surprise to me they act like Marxists do. And one of the things Marxists do is engage in military level attacks on system forces.

10 shot. 3 dead. 7 wounded to various degrees, oh yes this was a Military level, military skill set, military training, military weapons and tactics.
The implications of that mean we are now facing an armed insurgency, just like in Iraq.

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  1. Having spent a couple hours checking all the videos: wrong info put out by chief; 2 snipers on high, the only video of a subject shooting/receiving fire he is on the ground. This guy had no overwatch/sniper covering him. A couple of the other “arrested” were clearly not involved. One dead shooter, he may have been the only one shooting cops. From on high he should have killed for more as few bystanders were hit (and those may have been hit by cops) and there were plenty of targets as more cops came to area. Several “witnesses” stated the shooter was at ground level. Looks like most cops hit within first couple minutes. If more than one shooter more cops should have been shot at midway point. I say lone wolf shooter, good shot but not a “sniper”, no secondary kill zone. I would say non-military shooter, he didn’t cut the pie, start out at best position (on high), had no tactical gear, no defense in depth or assault in earnest to get in among the targets. He was committed but not well trained.


    1. Hmm, well he had on an armor vest as reported. The lack of civilian dead was because he was going after the cops and not just random civilians. He also shot 11 cops in total, of whom 5 died. He was an Army Reservist, which means he trained and live fired the M-16 Rifle in Basic. I would rate him a pretty fair shot just from that. The fact he killed nearly 50 percent of the cops he shot is also an indication he was on target, likely head shots.
      I have heard the “sniper on the roof,” as well as the “ground level,” story. Obviously, I can’t say for sure if both of those happened. He did end up in the parking garage, so his “final” battle was a sniper situation, at least until he was killed by the robot.

      My basic point was this was a military level ambush. He was much more effective due to his military training. This was a terror attack in my view. Again, “they” may never tell us if more than one person was involved, for political reasons. The reason he “didn’t get among the targets” was his political goal was to cause chaos and terror citywide, which he did very well. All in all, I would say a medium trained military shooter, using sound tactics specifically designed for maximum psychological impact, versus what a “sniper” would do.


      1. I agree with you. My assessment was that most of the info put out during the attack was incorrect and how I saw the shooter from what were known facts as it happened from video as it came out. I don’t judge by what the “official” story may be. We only have a difference on, “level of training”, which is directly related to experience of the shooter, as well as relevance of our personal experiences. A tier 1 operator would say that except for basically hitting only his intended targets (cops), he was not very good in his plan of attack and could have killed many more had he had better training. He was prior service, but was in construction and not a direct combat MOS. Nearly all youths raised with firearms as a way of life would have done better without having any military training. Just a matter of relevance and not intended to offend in any way. Thank you for allowing me to clarify my assessment and admit that he was former military as you wrote.

  2. Hey, I don’t take umbrage at your comments. I think anybody who has gone through the discipline of basic training, including live fire of several hundred rounds of 5.56mm is going to be a much better rifle shot than some punk kid on the street. My other basic point is it is a mistake to think in terms of training for how effective he was. The key is intent. The guy was clearly targeting white cops. The fact he “only” shot two civilians doesn’t reflect on his training at all. If he wanted to shoot civilians and he would have shot twenty and killed ten. So, my view is he hit who he wanted to shoot at. I also think a 50 percent kill rate is pretty good shooting in the type of situation he was in.
    They are saying he was a lone wolf, but that is bs. The level of planning tells me he had help. The fact his idiot sister made a facebook post the day before to kill cops is another thing to consider.

    At any rate, this was a terror attack, with possible Islamic connections. They are lying again, although it is strange that #$%% Lynch really called it a hate crime. Likely cause she realized she would be shot by the Dallas PD if she didn’t! We are now in a new era. The police are going to pull back and all the blacks are going to keep killing each other off.


    1. I think many cops are going to rethink their treatment of us peasants and it should wake up a few globalist in the oh crap way, maybe thinking their plan to use the cops against us constitutionalist may not go quite as smooth as they planned. I don’t think we will have any major kind of race war, it will become globalist vs us in the end and although i may not live to see it, the globalist will lose badly.


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