Here is the link to the story confirming Obama’s AG Lynch just committed felony obstruction of justice, perjury and criminal conspiracy to suppress information into a criminal probe of the Clinton Foundation. The rot is everywhere now. The AG is the leading law enforcement person in the USA. She has just taken direct action to obstruct the FBI probe into Hilary Clinton’s emails; now she is obstructing the probe into the Clinton Foundation. Hopefully, the spineless RINO types will impeach her, as well as the IRS terrorist Kosiken for his tax probes of conservative groups.

EXCLUSIVE: State Department Won’t Release Clinton Foundation Emails for 27 Months

We now know why AG Lynch met with Bill Clinton privately on a plane the other day.

The link is here.

Why Did Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch Meet On Her Airplane In Phoenix This Week?

Um, so Bill met with the Obama AG who decides whether to indict his wife. Lynch should be impeached just for meeting with the husband of the woman who the FBI is doing a criminal investigation to decide if she committed TREASON.

Sheesh, I hope Trump kicks her sorry, Obama loving ass. I find the level of contempt Obamabots, Clintonistas and liberals show for the basic rule of law to be disgusting. Of course, the corporate, liberal/Marxist whore media won’t cover this blatant conflict of interest/conspiracy and obstruction of justice now will they?

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  1. Doug what is your prediction for James Comey’s actions?
    The ball is in his controll as the AG just verbaly recused herself. Clintons up for interview this weekend and Trump is up 4 in Rasmussen’s new poll.

    I read a lot about Comey today. He looks like a rule follower who has cuffed and stuffed some power players. He even stopped the Bush admin from manipulating Ashcroft when he was sick in the hospital. Looks a little liberal on socal issues but not on violations of the law.

    From looking at his statments I think he might do the right thing and bust Clinton.
    What do you think?



    1. Hey, I think the FBI is now split into three separate groups at this point. The first is the Obamabots who will do anything to keep Hellary the BITCH from being indicted. The second group is the CYA, wait for your pension and keep your head down. The third group is the one that wants to do the right thing, hates Obama and despises the way the FBI has been corrupted by Holder and now Lynch. They are fighting each other right now in the broader civil war now going on between Obama and his alphabet agencies. They know terrorism is dangerous; they know Obama, Hellary and Lynch refuse to admit that, much less take action to protect American lives.

      Comey strikes me as a guy who wants to do the right thing, but is trapped in the politics and civil war now going on. Comey has more than enough concrete evidence to indict Hellary the BITCH. My personal opinion is Hellary will never be indicted. This act of moral cowardice my lead to mass resignations from disgusted DOJ and FBI types, but the fix is in.

      The only chance of getting that BITCH out is to vote for Trump in November.


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