I have long said that the debt levels, consumer, corporate and government are not sustainable. We will eventually have a debt based economic collapse of near total destruction. I have also said the trigger event, the rock that falls and starts the avalanche, will be when foreigners begin to sell off toxic US debt. This is now what is starting to happen in 2016. 

The link below tells the story.

It is a fact that both China and Japan hold over one trillion dollars each in US Treasury debt. It is a fact that foreign holders of US debt have decided to begin reducing their exposure. The result of that will eventually mean the US Treasury will be unable to sell new debt. Once that happens the economic collapse will begin in earnest. The Federal Reserve, the private banking cartel that has reduced Americans to slaves, will be forced to buy up newly issued debt, much as a dog eats its own vomit to keep the game going.

The other thing the article mentioned was the amount of debt sold in April, some $78 billion in one month, was the highest amount since 1978. The Federal Reserve is now impaled on zero interest rate policy. Trump is correct in his belief we are going to see a massive economic disruption in 2016.

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