We have been betrayed and abandoned by our leaders and our political system. The result is we are being slaughtered at will by Militant Islam. They kill us without mercy, without compassion and without any feeling at all. We are the despised Infidel. We are to be killed or enslaved under Sharia law. The left wing Marxists tolerate this, accept this, and join with Militant Islam to make this happen here in the USA. The Marxist traitors make excuse after excuse for the deviant behavior called the “Religion of Peace.” They tolerate a religion that beats women, sanctions children wearing suicide vests, and preaches hate and violence.

I say enough is enough. After the massacre at the Orlando night club, who can say Militant Islam isn’t out to kill us? Hellary Clinton the Bitch still does the tiptoe through the Tulips routine in regard to the ongoing terror attacks. If only we could understand them, talk to them and engage them like human beings. Militant Islam is not interested in tolerating a secular society based on the rule of law, respect for private property, or differing religious, political or cultural values. The entire point of both Militant Islam and Islam in general, is CONTROL. Islam brooks no dissent. Islam tolerates no differences. Islam is a religion for true believers. True believers that are not only willing to die for Islam, but to kill for Islam. Until we accept that and until we understand that we are doomed to be slaughtered at will.

We know the gunman in Orlando was a radical Muslim. We know he made death threats at work. We know the FBI interviewed 3 separate times. We know he went to a Mosque that preached hate. We know he visited Saudi Arabia. We know he was a brutal, vicious beast cloaked in the veneer of spiritual life. We know the PC fools tolerated all this. We know the PC fools are accessories to 50 counts of murder. We have been betrayed and abandoned by a PC based folly that allowed all this to happen. I am filled with a deep contempt for the PC crowd. I am filled with a deep contempt for the Democrats, for Hellary the Bitch, and Obama the Clown. These people enabled Islamic terrorists to come into our country. They enabled them to murder innocent people.

I think Donald Trump just won the 2016 election. I think ISIS made a fatal strategic blunder with the attack on the gay nightclub. It is a basic strategic goal to lull your enemy into complacency until you are ready to finish them off. By alerting the liberals here in the USA that ISIS really does mean what it says, they have caused even the liberals to realize their danger. This was a stupid thing for ISIS to do. The fact they did it means they are compelled by their evil ideology to act as they do. ISIS really can’t help acting like animals because they really are animals. They throw homosexuals from the roofs of parking garages. They burn Jordanian POW pilots in a wicker basket. The last time anybody was burned in a wicker basket was when the Druids did it to captured Roman Legion soldiers in 50 AD. They throw people into vats of acid, or bury 5 year old children alive, or sell women into slavery after gang raping them. ISIS has forfeited any humanity, or religious tolerance towards them by us. They are rabid dogs that need to be put down with a bullet to the head.

Any political, religious or media leader who doesn’t see this is what needs to be done is evil. We are at a divide here in the USA. People like me, who see both the problem and the solution, are no longer willing to tolerate the Marxist liberal tolerance of ISIS and Islam. Now, as to the statement not all Muslims are terrorists, I think that is true. There are many secular Muslims who ISIS wouldn’t hesitate to kill. Unfortunately, the rest of Islam doesn’t realize we don’t care anymore. The rest of Islam has declined to condemn, much less help us deal with Militant Islam. They will pay for that dearly in my view. I now regard all Muslims as a security threat to the USA. As such, they no longer have any rights at all in my view. At best they need to be deported, as in all of them; at worst, they need to be arrested, tried and then executed as traitors and brutal killers. The family of the Orlando gunman should be on the next plane back to Afghanistan. The Imam who preached the murder of homosexuals in Orlando needs to be deported. His mosque needs to be shut down. CAIR needs to be declared a terrorist group and kicked out of the USA. Islam needs to go. Muslims need to go. Screw the Kumbayah crowd and their “tolerance.” Tolerance for evil is evil all by itself. I have had enough of Militant Islam. I have had enough of Islam.

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