I am neither surprised, or appalled at the Orlando terror attacks. ISIS is what ISIS is. You can’t expect a rabid dog to act like anything other than a rabid dog. I first caught this story over at around 1:30 am. Drudge is doing a pretty good job of putting the various parts together. My comments are below are post #27 on the thread. I wonder what the gays will call it, maybe a gay jihad, when they go after ISIS.

One: Ramadan just started and ISIS said they wanted lone wolves to execute independent attacks.
Two. Attacking nightclubs is a standard Militant Islam technique. It happened in Israel and in Bali, Indonesia.
Three. The man is wearing a bomb vest, which is also SOP for Militant Islam.
Four. ISIS has routinely condemned and murdered homosexuals.

Five. Until it is confirmed this is NOT a militant Islamic attack then I will, based on the above, conclude the long awaited ISIS CONUS terror campaign has now begun.

One final thing: We have had multiple accounts from people inside the club who saw this guy up close and personal as he went around shooting people; yet, we don’t have one single mention of his age, his race or anything.

It is ALWAYS the case if it is a white guy that info is instantly released; if not, it is kept quiet. Ergo, we are likely looking at a Militant Islam terror attack against a soft target, using SOP of small arms and explosives.

This is Paris and the rock concert, or Mumbai and the hotel shooters. We have seen well over a dozen of these style of attacks from Africa, to India, to France and now Florida.

I am at a place in my mind that until it is absolutely confirmed it isn’t a Militant Islam attack I will regard it as such. In the vast majority of cases that has proven to be true.

Of course, it could be a White Aryan with a thing against gays and who happens to have skill in making suicide vests. Yeah, right.

The use of explosives takes it to the terror level in expertise level. At any rate, if you’ve been reading raganork, or nowski’s posts this attack isn’t a surprise. Now it “may” turn out to be just a crazy white guy, but I doubt it due to the explosives. If he just went in and shot everybody up, well that is your basic crazy guy.

He sounds like a fairly good shot to take out 20 people out of shooting 200. Yep, this has PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUE, PLANNING AND EXECUTION ALL OVER IT. <50 people ended up dead at the gay nightclub. 

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It looks like I called this correctly, see post number 27, and we have now had ISIS unleashed. I do not see the Democratic Party surviving this attack. Trump just won the election and will absolutely CRUSH HELLARY THE BITCH in the general election.


All the PC WHORES who have been making excuses for Militant Islam just have had their cajones cut off and stuffed in their mouths.

The kind of deep and radical change President Trump is going to unleash will be a direct result of this attack. The American people have chosen. The liberals are getting us killed.

The Gallup poll just had Obama’s approval at 54 percent. I think they rigged the polls, but I can assure you the shitstorm is going to be unleashed now. I mean what does a pc, CAN’T WE ALL GET TOGETHER NOW LIBERAL FOOL DO NOW? Do they kick out the hate preacher at that mosque? Or do they start the drivel about the religion of peace.

The result of this attack is the liberals and Obama have just lost all authority. I fully expect even the spineless RINO Turds to immediately shut down all MUSLIM IMMIGRATION OR REFUGEES INTO THE USA.


The left just ended. The leftist mindset just ended. ISIS was foolish to go after homosexuals. IT was a strategic blunder of decisive nature.


  1. Very valid points connecting the dots. This was a well executed and planned attack. The snowflakes will be all over this with their wish to commit suicide by guilt.

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    1. The reason I think it is a strategic blunder is simple. The leftists and Marxists have been making excuses for the deviant behavior unleashed by Militant Islam for years now. Unfortunately, now that ISIS has slaughtered 50 homosexuals the same tolerant, diversity whoring left wingers who have tolerated their psycho behavior have a problem. The problem is they must figure out how “the religion of peace,” can be compatible with the Orlando attack. Obviously, it can’t be, so the left will now be FORCED to accept Militant Islam as a direct threat to the USA. Again, this has been true for years now, but the left has ignored it. Well, they can no longer do so. This means, for example, when the Republicans vote for a total ban on all Muslim immigration and refugees next week, which they will do, or face a savage backlash, the liberals will vote to do it also. If they do not, then their gay supporters will view the Democratic Senators and Representatives as supporting the ISIS murders of 50 gays. Like I said, ISIS has now unleashed a gay jihad. Yep, Hellary the Witch and the Democratic Party will either vote to restrict Muslim immigration, or get exterminated in the November election.


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