Look, it is certainly possible for Trump to be the 2016 version of 1992’s Ross Perot. Considering “they” originally planned for the “election” to be between Jeb Bush of the Bush crime family, against Hellary, of the Clinton crime family, Trump was a wild card. Granted, he may be a fall back position to make sure Hellary gets in. However, Trump is so far off the rail that I can’t see how “they” still control things. Whatever “they” intended, we now have a documented, populist uprising that is far beyond anything Trump, or “they” intended.

Yep, it is now clear we are seeing a global populist based backlash. Everything from the Panama Papers, the bad economy and the total chaos now unleashed.

WHATEVER PLANS “THEY” HAD ARE NOW FULLY DERAILED. I don’t discount the potential for Trump to sell us out. However, “they” do not understand it is NOW BEYOND TRUMP’S CONTROL AT THIS POINT. We are in pre-collapse phase, or pre-revolutionary phase. The toothpaste is out of the tube: it will not be put back.

“They” have lost control.

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