Here we see a pathetic effort by NATO and the EU to become a credible military force. It is a fact the EU has gutted military spending since the end of the cold war in 1991. They have piggybacked on US military spending for the last two decades. The result is they have fully funded the EU welfare state. Russia has maintained military spending since 2000 when Putin came to power.


It will take a minimum of five to seven years from now before the weapons, supplies and training to even double the miserable numbers of forces now existing. The Royal Navy is a joke. The Canadian Navy has no offensive ability at all.

When I see stories like this, about the EU buildup, I just have to shake my head, gang. Russia and China have been INCREASING THEIR MILITARY FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS. The West has been gutting it. Assuming all this NATO blather about actually fighting Russia is true, they must realize they will get slaughtered by the more numerous, better trained, better supplied, and advanced, superior weapons the Russians have developed since Putin came into power. Putin has been in power, on and off, still in total control, since Yeltsin, way back around 2000. Russia has been engaged in a massive military buildup for nearly 20 years. They have created first rate fighter jets, first rate battle tanks, first rate submarines, and first rate munitions with ABSOLUTE SUPERIORITY OVER ANYTHING THE USA OR THE EU HAS.

Yep, the EU has no effective military at all. It will take them five to ten years to deal with that. The cuts are too deep, have happened over the last two decades, and will require hundreds of billions of dollars to reverse. The EU made a political decision to fund social programs. The chart showing the entire military budget for Germany is $60 billion shows what I am talking about.

The EU has no teeth, much less fangs.




REPORT: Germany ‘Annexing’ Dutch Military As Secretive EU Army Begins To Take Shape…a-step-closer/

REPORT: Germany ‘Annexing’ Dutch Military As Secretive EU Army Begins To Take Shape

by Donna Rachel Edmunds and Raheem Kassam20 Apr 20161171


I just did some more research. Russia has 16,000 tanks. Germany has 400. German has ONE DIVISION OF Tanks. RUSSIA HAS FORTY. Russia spent around $90 Billion on defense, at 4.4 percent of her economy. Germany spent 1.4 percent at 48 billion.

Germany is now in the final phase of reducing her combat brigades from 17 to 12. They may have reversed that due to the Ukraine situation.

Again, the EU is a military joke. One of the reasons Putin is laughing at both the EU and the USA is he has a massive military superiority. By the way, the last US tank was removed from Germany in April of 2013.



Here we see the war in Syria continues unabated despite the so called cease fire.

Israel claims Russia fired on one of its jets over Syria.

This link shows the Russian Pacific fleet is now openly challenging US naval superiority in the Pacific Ocean. This is in addition to China’s naval buildup.

Submarine defense: Russian subs posing Pacific threat to US Navy

Military & Defense

 March 18, 13:28 UTC+3 
Ahead of Submariner Day marked on March 19 in Russia, TASS reviews Russian submarines that cause the US Navy’s greatest concern in the Pacific region


And finally, we have multiple news stories on the large scale military operations now underway in Syria.

Field Commander: Syrian Army to Kick Off Massive Operations in Aleppo Soon


  1. Doug,
    Please tell us “conspiracy nuts” why Russia and China should not premtivly EMP the aggressive and imperialistic USA and at the same time nuke the military bases, sink the aircraft carriers and then use bio and neutron bombs on population centres. Why would they let their chance pass? The USA has a week leader, a week congress a castrated militarily, a fleet that is les than half of what it was in the 80’s, no competent nuke command, ageing aircraft, lots of heavaly druged up reserves with PTSD, a devided moraly bankrupt highly medicated population and no real friend nations.
    You know Japan, Korea, Israel and Australia would have their own problems and would not help us. Mexico would likly help Russia to reclaim land and Canada without an offensive military is a joke.

    How can Russia let this opportunity pass? They have been doing the drills. They have the wepons. They have the leader. Now I know that China has no blue water fleet for some sort of invasion but why bother invading right away as the EMP and bio weapons wold kill 60 to 90% of the population.
    They can just walk in after the civil war, starvation, cannibalism and pestilence and North America will be largly uninhabited. Its bounty will be theirs for the taking.

    Tell us why this will not happen? We the USA are a joke and China can do with a few less men and they know it.



  2. HI, I am 62 years old, amigo. I have seen a lot of stuff over the last 5 decades or so. I have never told anybody this, but when I was about 10 years old, back in 1964, I had a dream where China and Russia invaded us by coming into Alaska.
    You are correct that the USA is now a farce on so many levels. The brief answer to your question is I do indeed think the USA will be dealt with by both Russia and China. They now have absolute military superiority over us on all levels. The Chinese fleet has several hundred submarines alone. The bottom line is I do expect them to attack us. The EMP burst would pretty much reduce us to total helplessness on all levels. The PC crowd in our cities would destroy what was left in the riots and chaos. Our leadership, at all levels, would reveal their lack of character, corruption and incompetence.

    I expect this to happen in my lifetime. In fact, I expect it to happen fairly soon. I don’t play date games. It is just my feeling that Russia and China have had enough of the USA Imperial model.


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