I think we are now living in historic times in terms of the American political system. Trump really has changed things.


Look, I think the ongoing venom between Trump and Cruz and Kasich and Rubio means the above scenario, where Rubio, or Kasich, or Governor Walker become Trump’s Vice President,  ain’t going to happen. However, Trump is going to have to make some kind of “unity” moves in order to prevent the total collapse of the RINO WHORE party after the convention. Especially after Colorado, I am not seeing many warm and fuzzy attitudes between Trump and Cruz supporters. I am becoming increasingly convinced Trump will be cheated out of the nomination. At that point, the survival of the current RINO WHORE Republican Party is very much in question. Trump has latched on to a preexisting movement. He did not create the populist tidal wave he is currently riding. It had its roots in the original, pre Koch brothers, pre Sarah Palin neo con love fest. It expanded into the leftist Occupy movement and now has morphed into the Trump movement. The movement may be delayed by the shenanigans of the RINO WHORE elite. It will not be stopped. It is now beyond even Donald Trump. Whatever happens now in terms of the nomination, the political system has been fundamentally and permanently changed. The survival of the RINO WHORE Republican Party is not a factor in tens of millions of current populist grassroots Republican Party members. We are beyond the two party system now. I will say it again: the final result of all this will be the creation of a FOUR PARTY POLITICAL SYSTEM. We will have all the Berniebots going hard left to the Green Party. We will have the Clinton corporate Democratic Party. We will have the current corporate RINO WHORE Republican Party. Finally, we will have “something else,” rising out of the ashes of the RINO WHORE Republican Party. It will be a merger of the populist based Tea Party, the Constitution Party, and the Libertarians and maybe even the Reform Party.
The RINO elite have apparently decided it is needed to destroy the current Republican Party in order to “save it from Trump.”

The key question is exactly where all the TENS OF MILLIONS OF REPUBLICAN VOTERS WHO SUPPORT TRUMP WILL END UP. I say plainly it will not be in the current RINO WHORE version. They will either take over the RINO party, or create a new one, or go to any of the already existing third parties.

Trump is historic in his political impact in 2016. Whatever happens, he has changed the game, redefined the political debate and opened the floodgates for civil discourse on illegal immigration, fair/free trade, Middle Eastern policies, support of NATO and military spending. The gates are open now and they will not be shut again.

I take the long view. The toothpaste is out of the tube, gang. The horse has left the barn. The elite seem to think if they kick Trump out, all will return to normal in the RINO party. This may be the single most delusional political belief in American history.

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