Cruz supporters need to realize the RINO Whore Republican Party is fading away before their very eyes. It may be, through a combination of open corruption; the usual Cruz sleaze and lies, Cruz gets the Republican nomination. I think that is a distinct possibility. However, be careful what you wish for. My view is we are watching the death knell of BOTH CURRENT MAINSTREAM POLITICAL PARTIES. The final result of the 2016 election cycle will be THE END OF THE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTIES AS THEY EXISTED IN JANUARY OF 2016.

Bernie Sanders is going to get cheated out of the Democratic nomination. THIS IS CLEARLY WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN; IT IS A DONE DEAL. Bernie Sanders, along with his supporters, will either meekly accept the Hellary Witch CHEATING BERNIE OUT OF THE NOMINATION, OR THEY WILL NOT. My personal opinion is that Bernie’s supporters will not accept that. They will, at a minimum raise hell at the convention. They will also, in my view, openly defect and move to the Green Party, which will become a very credible political party once MILLIONS OF BERNIE SUPPORTERS join it.

Next, we have the RINO WHORE ELITE AND SLEAZY CRUZ stealing the nomination from Trump. Again, the convention will be chaos. IT WILL MEAN THE TELEVISED COLLAPSE OF THE RINO WHORE REPUBLICAN PARTY THIS SUMMER. The result will be one quarter, one third; up to one half, of ALL CURRENT REPUBLICAN VOTERS WILL DEFECT TO THIRD PARTIES. They will either not vote for Cruz, or vote for Trump, or vote Libertarian or Constitution Party.

Trump has permanently changed things whether Cruz the sleaze ball wins or not. We are now in a situation where the Bernie supporters will not stomach the physical presence of the Hellary supporters. We are now in the situation where Cruz supporters can’t stand being in the presence of Trump supporters and vice versa. It is Ron Paul convention games all over again. THE FINAL RESULT WILL MEAN THE END OF THE RINO PARTY.

The Republicans are going to lose the Presidency, the US Senate and the US House because up to one half of the Republicans, the ones who have been voting in Senators and Representatives, won’t vote Republican in 2016. It is a fact one year from now the USA will be a four party system. It is a fact we will have a resurgent Green/Progressive Party filled with enraged Bernie Sanders supporters. They will not forgive Hellary the Witch, her Super delegate minions, and the Democratic Party elite. Hellary Clinton is setting up a convention where the Super delegates, and the Party elite will brazenly ignore the popular choice of Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders has won seven of the last eight primaries. Hellary has cheated him out of most of those delegates. Her attempt to act like a peasant by using the New York City transit system failed miserably. She looked like George Bush senior when he tried to use a checkout stand back in 1992. Bernie Sanders is the popular choice to be the Democratic Presidential nominee. It doesn’t matter. Hellary the Witch controls the party system and will do whatever it takes to get the party nomination. The fact she will permanently shatter the current Democratic Party means nothing to her. I will tell all my foreign blog readers they should prepare for a different USA by this time in 2017.

I will also tell them the same internal civil war is now going on in the current RINO WHORE Republican Party. The venom level means both sides can’t stand each other, nor will they work together in the general election. The Bernie Sander crowd loathes Hellary and her party flunkies. The Cruz people loathe the Trump supporters, almost as much as Trump supporters loathe Cruz and the RINO Party flunkies. Once all the dust settles, the divide will be permanent.

Here is a link to the ongoing RINO civil war in Colorado.…ry?id=38278953

Here is a link where Trump’s main guy calls Cruz a Nazi.…estapo-n553721

It is also a fact that any conversation that degrades to the point where somebody is called a Nazi is over. The level of venom between Trump and Cruz is astounding. The idea both men are members of the same political party is delusional. There is absolutely no way for either Cruz or Trump to support each other after this level of rancor. Cruz may win the nomination, but he can’t expect any support from Trump or his supporters. It is also likely Trump will not get any support from the RINO types, Cruz or Kasich or their supporters. For all intents and purposes the RINO party is finished. It is all over except for the final civil war at the convention.


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