We are now living in a time of revelation and judgment. I am not sure if the system can be saved at this point in American history. The corruption is too deep, ingrained and much more toxic than it has ever been in American history. The entire global political, economic and cultural system is full of rot and decay. The leadership is venal, dishonest, and amoral and doesn’t even bother to hide this anymore.

We saw the first pulling back of the curtain with the documents released by Edward Snowden a few years ago. He showed the reality of the corporate American dictatorship. He showed us the merger of the government and the corporations which is called fascism. He showed us the NSA to be evil tyrants dedicated to the national security state with freedom for none, and money and power for the elite. Snowden was called a traitor and a spy for doing this. He is a hero in my book. He has struck a blow to restore freedom in this fascist police state we now call the USA. The revelations of Snowden show the US Federal government routinely ignores any restrictions on illegal search and seizure. The NSA illegally monitors all citizen communications under the guise of protecting us. They use the Patriot Act like a hammer to document any activity they judge as dissident.

As bad as the NSA is, it is the offshore banking accounts that fund the fascist beast. It is from these secret bank accounts that the elite funds its treason, and imposes its will on the sheeple. The hack of the Panama law firm used to set up hundreds of thousands of these off shore accounts, is a bright light of freedom glaring down on the cockroaches we call our global elite. The hack of 11.5 million files shows a systematic, well planned, well executed and funded system for imposing global fascism. The thousands of individual elite members now revealed merely confirm what I have long suspected. The elite think they are beyond our laws. The elite think they are better than the rest of us. The elite think they should rule the people they view as objects to be exploited.

I can understand the terror surging through elite circles now that their corrupt system has been revealed. The first results are already starting.

The link here shows the people in Iceland want their corrupt Prime Minister out of office. He had a bank account set up by this Panama Bank used to hide funds. It is called tax evasion. It is called tax fraud. It is like the vicious lady, one Leona Helmsley, proclaimed back in the 1980’s: “taxes are for the little people.”

Thousands of people are gathering in Reykjavik’s Austurvöllur square in front of the parliament building to vent their anger over the previously discussed revelations involving Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and the Panama Papers. As a reminder, various local politicians have already asked for his resignation which he has refused to grant. Additionally, as Iceland Monitor writes, the PM’s words in an interview today that “It’s not like everyone is going to attend the protest,” seems to have sparked further fury.

Many shops and restaurants have put up signs that they will be closed for the duration of the protest.

Police chief at the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, Ásgeir Þór Ásgeirsson expects large crowds and says that the preparations are ” standard”. “We hope that the public will cooperate with us and show enough respect towards the police as not to throw things at us or to somehow make us the target of the protest.”



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