Given the level of venom being directed at Donald Trump, it is not surprising that we are now seeing what is called “The Bradley Effect.” Tom Bradley was running for Mayor of Los Angeles a decade or two ago. He was black. The polls consistently showed him comfortably winning the election. He lost the election. After the results were in, it was concluded that people had LIED to the pollsters. The reason they lied was they didn’t want to be viewed as racists. They felt it was better to appear to be the Politically Correct, Diversity loving, Multicultural White People the pollsters expected them to be. In reality, once they were in the privacy of the voting booth, they voted for the other candidate. Hence, the Bradley Effect was created.

Donald Trump has done much better than the whore media, the Soros funded Marxist terrorists, and the mutant Republican Party elite ever thought he would. He has done better than the professional political hacks, and the pollsters have said he would do. The reason is people have figured out openly telling the pollsters they support Trump, or doing all the kinds of things like setting out lawn signs, or putting a bumper sticker on your car risks being called all kinds of names. So, they let the powers that be think Trump’s support is less than it really is.

We now see that happening in the latest polls out of Wisconsin. We have the official, mutant elite and media polls showing Cruz will crush Trump. Unfortunately, we also have other polls showing Trump with more support than the elite think he should have.

We have a CNN poll, that’s the Communist News Network that shows Cruz with an overwhelming lead over Trump.

The link is here.

CNN’s definition of a “wide lead,” is different than mine. Cruz has 40 percent, Trump has 30 percent, and Kasich has 21 percent. My view is a 10 point lead over Trump isn’t very big at all.

The next link contradicts the CNN poll.

The link is here.

This poll shows Cruz with 38 percent, and Trump with 37 percent. Of course, being elite shills, bought and paid for by Soros and his Marxist ilk, they whine that Cruz will still win big.

We also have a GOP poll that shows Trump with 48 percent and Cruz with 29 percent.

It is my view the only logical explanation for this is the Bradley Effect. I predict Trump will do much better in Wisconsin than what the polls are now showing. People will vote for Trump once they get into the ballot booth, but they will not risk the kind of concentrated abuse now being hurled at Trump supporters by the elite media, the Soros terrorists, or even the rapidly fading Republican elite.


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