I have come to the conclusion our elites just don’t get it. I conclude it is a case of arrogance, or blindness, or sheer ignorance on their part. I also think the true reason they loathe Donald Trump is they think he is a traitor from their own class. It is not just what Trump says; it is the fact he says it at all. FDR was also viewed as a traitor by his fellow aristocrats.

The reality of our new war with Militant Islam can no longer be denied. Yet, our elite are still ranting the PC mantras with no apology. The elite refuse to make any serious effort to improve with border security. The elite refuses to make any effort at all to deal with the hordes of Muslim refugees pouring over our borders, or being brazenly flown into the USA and scattered like confetti at a parade. It is an insane policy. The elite don’t care.

Even by the low standards of Obama, his behavior on this trip to Cuba and Argentina has been unusually strange. It is bad enough for Obama to make nice with an unrepentant Raul and Fidel Castro. It is even worse to make no demands for any type of serious reform in Cuba; yet, go there and engage in folly and fantasy. The political dissidents Raul Castro arrested were not impressed when Obama went to a baseball game and did the wave with his new friends. We now have sold out to both Iran and Cuba. In return for this sell out, Obama has accomplished nothing at all, other than to make a fool of himself, further degrade the “full faith and credit,” of the USA government, and finally, make our enemies laugh at us. Obama’s legacy will be a nation further in debt, bitterly divided along race and class lines, and held in contempt by both our friends and our enemies.

The Roman historians I have read say the story of Caesar Nero playing the flute, or harp or whatever musical instrument it was, while Rome burned is false. We have lost most of Tacitus’s written history of the Nero era. It breaks off at book 66, yes, I know, so the last years of his reign are blank. What we do know is he was clearly unsuited to be the leader of Rome; we know that Obama is clearly unsuited to our leader. The last 7 years have proven again and again this statement to be true beyond any reasonable doubt. Personally, I think future historians, if there are any, will be brutal on the American Republic, its leaders; especially, its populace. Obama doesn’t exist in a vacuum. He was elected twice. He is even now the choice of between one third and one half of all Americans. The fact he is a self-indulgent fool, lazy, not very smart, and prone to taking foreign trips that resemble the Imperial procession of despots, is all part of his charm to his Obamabot supporters.

Still, in the context of the ISIS terror attacks in both Belgium and France, his doing to wave at a baseball game in Cuba, or dancing the Tango in Argentina, is a sign of decay and folly. I don’t know if Nero ever really did fiddle while Rome burned. I do know Obama danced the night away while Belgium burned. Perception is reality. Illusion is now substance. When Obama struts out on the global stage, much like a peacock waving its tail plume and shrieking loudly, the rest of the world now laughs at him. The problem for the rest of us Americans is when they laugh at Obama, they laugh at us.

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  1. Obama is judgment on a nation of fools, arrogant and unrepentant, lazy and murderous. Disgusting in their opne rebellion to anything good.
    soon ,when he meddles in the middle east before his reign is up, is when he will open the real hornets nest by ticking off the MOST HIGH GOD for dividing up his land.
    This, will seal this nations fate. There will be very little major history in the USA after 2016.
    He, probably will run to be a leader at the UN, further poisoning the world, but he has but 7 years to accomplish his evil, before he ends up in the Lake of fire.


    1. The powers that be have plans for Obama after he leaves office. People forget Obama is a Marxist, trained to do exactly what he has done the last seven years. The only positive thing about his reign of terror is has resulted in many Americans seeing the game plan.


  2. What would anyone expect of the psychopath occupying the White House? He is clearly a psychopath and that should have been obvious to everyone from the moment he hit the public stage, almost a decade ago. The only thing that @$$wipe knows how to do proficiently is cocaine and visit bathhouses. Well I guess he also laughs about those whom he has murdered….aka droning……just as the psychopath Hillary laughs about those whose murdere she has fascilitated.
    Why is anyone even surprised any more at the stone cold, “it’s all about me” persona of this extremely nasty sadistic psychath? WHY???????
    Look around folks. Like the Clintons this one has dead bodies buried everywhere also…..ex-butt bous, etc. Ms. Fudy never died…that was all pretend. But, how many millions in the middle east are now dead and or displaced due to the decisioons of this PIG in the white house???


    1. I understand the Swedes who gave him the Nobel Peace Prize, after which he went out and launched more drone strikes than Bush Junior did, are realizing they made a terrible mistake. Obama, like Hitler’s Mien Kampf, can’t be charged with not telling people exactly what he intended to do. The real issue is, even if Trump is the next US President, how much of the damage Obama has done can be mitigated. At best, all Trump can do is deal with some of the worst damage. Obama has corrupted the people, at least those who don’t see what he is and despise him like all true American patriots do. Yep, Obama is the kind of leader the American people elected twice, and they will just have to deal with the consequences.


  3. I agree with a lot of what you state however I come from a different position. The elite are doin exactly what they want by washing away all identity of the people to bring them to a level of acceptance for a communist state and Obama has been quite successful in destroying America and strengthening the Islamic invasion. Our country is willingly accepting a facist/communist takeover.


    1. Obama is a Marxist trained well by Mr. Ayers. He is like Clinton, Bush and Obama in the sense he was sent in by our globalist masters to take down America. He is doing it step by step, with full understanding of what he is doing. The fact even now nearly 40 percent of all Americans still support him indicates how truly screwed we are.


  4. The negro sodomite represents what America has become. Unconcerned, blithe about their culture after years of indoctrination of the left.

    What you have left is a negro emperor dancing and partying all the while the nation gets invaded. Does this sound familiar with many OT stories?

    Well, you should know what happens next.


  5. Barry Soetoro is the last USAcorp puppet. Under full blown martial law, all power & authority will fall under a UNITED NATIONS GENERAL. That UN general will then give his power & authority to the anti-christ, after we have limited nuclear war.
    We’ve been under continuous martial law since Lincoln, when he instituted Lieber Code during the civil war & was murdered before he could retract it! It was illegally morphed into ADMIRALTY LAW from common law generations ago.
    Also, to refresh everyone’s fluoridated minds, illegal dictates/EXECUTIVE ORDERS; REX 84, Patriot Acts, NDAA etc. all plainly state that this is considered a WAR ZONE & you have no Bill of Rights! Not to mention that, the Constitution died in 1871 under the Washington DC Act. It seems as if most everyone is so deep inside “their” Hegelian dialectic that they can no longer see the forest from the trees (& mass chemical lobotomy & a severe lack of discernment, doesn’t help the situation either!). God help us all! Being under God’s judgement is a fearful & humbling reality!
    On another note I bought all your ebooks. The one called Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy was a blessing for my research & love affair with prophecy. Also, I know you probably have more important things to do with what precious time we have left, but would you consider writing the next book in Strike destroyer, I loved it! God bless you & yours greatly! Shalom


    1. Thanks for the kind words on my e-books. I have no plans to write a sequel to Strike Destroyer for the simple reason it has sold less than 100 copies since 2012. Day of the Dogs has done much better, to the tune of $8,000 in total sales. I am working on a sequel to it. Ezekiel represented all the books I read between 1965 and 1992 or so. I also have no plans to write a sequel to it.
      We are what we eat, drink, breathe and think. Since that is the case, our bodies, minds and spiritual natures are full of toxins. The elite are what they are, and have been destroying America from almost the first day back in 1776.


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