ISIS IS COMING 3-23-2016

Simply put, we are now at war with ISIS all over the world. The fact our PC based leadership fails to accept this reality only means the carnage will be at the level needed to shatter the Western Democratic nations. This tidal wave of terror attacks will also lead to a populist based, nationalism focused political response in both the USA and Europe. It will empower the so called “far right” political parties. It will mean all the “hate speech,” now roundly condemned will become acceptable. It will mean the follow on governments will not be hampered by the idiocy of the current crop of PC based leaders and ideology. It will mean ISIS will trigger the kind of response it can’t live through. It will also mean the secular, non fanatic Muslims will be faced with a stark choice. They will either align with the “Infidels,” to crush both ISIS and Al Qaida, or they will be deported. The reality will be Muslims will no longer be tolerated. They will be guilty until proven innocent of Militant Islamic ideology and tactics. If Muslims now living in the west refuse to do that, or think they will not be seen as a threat, then they are hopelessly naïve. I will tell any Muslim reading this blog one thing. The people have had enough of this reign of terror. They will elect parties and leaders who will deal with Militant Islam. They will ignore the whining of the liberals. They will do the kinds of things that are needed to crush Militant Islam. Islam will either accept the new reality, or they will be confined to their nations. Obviously, the kind of fascist state regime needed to do that is something I don’t want to live under. However, ISIS and Al Qaida are going to get the “clash of civilizations” they so desire. Unfortunately for them, and Islam in general, the result will not be a new Caliphate. It will be the permanent exile of Muslims, as well as a new reality. Since Militant Islam is killing us, we will kill them. Any Muslim who we can’t be sure of will be seen as a threat. It is a hard truth. It is a brutal truth. It will be done. The current governments that tolerate, under a mantra of PC idiocy, the murder of their citizens will be voted out of office, replaced with harder leaders, using harder techniques, and with much harder values. This is the way things will be from now on.

ISIS Sends 400 Specially Trained Fighters To Unleash “Wave Of Bloodshed” In Europe

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Earlier today, we brought you the official statement in which ISIS claims responsibility for the attacks that left 34 people dead in Brussels on Tuesday. The group promises “black days for all crusader nations” and an attack “more devastating and bitter” than those that have come before (“Allah permitting,” of course).

Paris fugitive Salah Abdeslam has been variously characterized as the “ringleader” of the cell that was behind this week’s attack on Brussels. That’s probably because he’s now a household name in Europe and officials want the public to think a kind of field general has been captured. In reality, Abdeslam aborted his martyrdom mission in Paris and got himself arrested instead of dying for the “cause.” That’s not exactly behavior consistent with that seen in confirmed commanders like Abdelhamid Abaaoud and Omar al-Shishani. Rather, it would appear that Abdeslam effectively inherited Abaaoud’s cell upon returning to Belgium after backing out of the Paris attacks. ISIS likely saw some utility in keeping him around and Tuesday’s bombings suggest retaining him as a kind of organizer was a prudent decision. Or perhaps he was never meant to die in Paris. Who knows.

(Abaaoud – left – and friends, in “better” times)

Whatever the case, the important takeaway from Tuesday would appear to be that Abaaoud’s cell continued to operate and expand five months after his death and indeed, the group appears to have been using at least one of the very same bomb makers, Najim Laachraoui (who, incidentally, authorities now claim died in the Brussels airport).

(From left: Abaaoud, Abdeslam, Laachraoui)

Here’s what we said just this morning:

The thinking now is that ISIS cells have been given a certain amount of autonomy from central command in Raqqa and Mosul because, well, because there’s really no telling if there even is a central command at this juncture. One gets the impression that al-Hayat Media Center just kind of waits to see what happens and then if there’s a “successful” attack (Allahu akbar), then the propaganda arm simply claims it after the fact.

That dynamic in many ways makes the group more unpredictable, as semi-autonomous cells do not need al-Baghdadi’s approval before carrying out attacks.

In reality it’s probably not a more spectacular attack that Belgians should fear, but rather a series of “small” attacks like what unfolded Tuesday, perpetrated by a collection of individuals who do not need to appeal to a central authority and thus are free to hit soft targets spontaneously

So if you were looking for analysis on the state of the group’s thinking and their operational capacity as it relates to attacks in Western Europe, you could have simply read the above or, you could have consulted with European and Iraqi intelligence officials and a French lawmaker, who together – and presumably after countless hours of hand wringing over chatter gathered from surveilling jihadist chatter – came to exactly the same conclusion. Here’s AP:

Security officials have told The Associated Press that the Islamic State group has trained at least 400 attackers and sent them into Europe for terror attacks.

The network of interlocking, agile and semiautonomous cells shows the reach of the extremist group in Europe even as it loses ground in Syria.

The officials, including European and Iraqi intelligence officials and a French lawmaker who follows the jihadi networks, describe camps designed specifically to train for attacks against the West.

The officials say the fighters have been given orders to find the right time, place and method to carry out their mission.

Right. So exactly what we said this morning and precisely the conclusion that anyone who closely monitors the evolution of Sunni terror networks would have come to some 12 months ago after a police raid in Verviers proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that what happened at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in May of 2014 was no isolated event.

In any event, since AP has reported it, it’s now officially true we suppose, which means there are 400 well-trained Islamic State fighters embedded throughout Europe and organized into semi-autonomous cells (let’s call them proto-caliphates) just waiting for the “right” time and place to strike.

For any “intelligence” officials who may read this we would only add one thing: there are probably a whole lot more than 400…

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