And now back to our regularly scheduled doom and gloom, blog readers. If after today’s events you don’t want to hop on a space shuttle to an alternate dimension, you haven’t been paying attention.

It is obvious ISIS is capable of wider ranging terror attacks than the PC crowd can mentally accept. No matter how loudly the PC morons chant “Can’t we all get along,” it won’t help. Militant Islam believes in Sharia Law. Sharia Law rejects all other legal systems: Roman law, Middle Ages Law, English Common Law and American Constitutional Law. Sharia law has no mercy; it has no compassion. It is the law of the jungle; the law of an eye for an eye. The basic problem with Islam in general and Militant Islam in particular, is they are thinking in Old Testament terms. Militant Islam wants to go back to either the sixth or seventh century AD, depending on whether you are talking Shia or Sunni. The rest of the world has moved on. Islam has not. It is a very simple equation in my view. Islam will either come to terms with modern life, or they will be exterminated by it.

I do not think all Muslims are terrorists. I do not think Islam is incapable of making the mental adjustments to live through the coming purge of Militant Islam from modern society. I do think Muslims are going to have to make a choice about their religion. Muslims, who think Jihad, or holy war, is a literal call to be suicide bombers will eventually be hunted down and eliminated from modern life. Muslims who understand Jihad is an internal spiritual battle will survive. Muslims who are not violent, vicious animals like ISIS, or both the Shia and Sunni fundamentalists will have a place at the table 50 years from now. If they do not, they will be at best be quarantined, and at worst crushed into impotence. One thing they will never be allowed to do is take over advanced cultures and take them back to the sixth century.

Any Muslims who think Militant Islam won’t create the kind of fascist, totalitarian governments in the nations of the west that will do all the things the PC crowd despises, is deluding themselves. I assure any Muslim reading this of one thing: the day a nuke goes off in CONUS, the response will be a holy war of our own. I hope that Muslims who are not misled by a flawed view of Islam will come to their senses. If they do not, then the blood is on them.

The buzz word for diplomats is “unacceptable.” Whenever a terror attack happens, they trot it out like some kind of magical charm. Once Trump is elected US President this will fade away. Today’s elections in Arizona, Utah and American Samoa will reflect the fact that ISIS just brazenly attacked Belgium and brought it to its knees. I think ISIS is getting desperate as Putin hammers them into the ground. They are now engaged in the warfare of the weak. It will do them no good. Militant Islam is under the impression they have people cowed. They do not. Militant Islam is under the impression the gutless fool Obama is the type of leader they will always be dealing with. Trump will be taking over from Obama within a few months. Militant Islam is under the impression we can’t be as ruthless as they are, or as vicious as they are, or as brutal as they are. They are wrong.

Militant Islam confuses the fascist, oligarchs running the USA today as credible leaders. They are not. The time is coming when the BS will be swept aside. The time is coming when the American people, following their new leader Donald Trump, will have had enough, become angry enough to kick some serious Militant Islam ass. I saw a woman walking down the street in downtown Portland, Oregon. She was wearing a full burka. I have to say the sight filled me with a wrath I have not felt for some time now. The time is coming when Muslims will no longer be welcome in the USA. And when the liberal morons protest, they will have the living daylights beaten out of them. It is coming. I do not care if people call me a fascist. I don’t care if they like me, or think I am a good person. We are now in the final phases of this fascist, totalitarian police state called the USA. It will be changed by Trump, or it will collapse into chaos. At this point, I am more than willing to take down the pillars, just like Samson did, and live with the results. I despise Militant Islam. I despise people who murder children, rape women like sex slaves and engage in the behavior of savages. I do not think that is Islam, but I will brook no crap on the point. Islam will change, or it will die.

Today also saw the release of a video by Ted Cruz so repulsive, so venal and arrogant, I hesitate to post it. In it, Lying Ted claims Trump is responsible for the terror attacks in Belgium today. The level of contempt I feel for Militant Islam is only slightly less than I feel for Mr. Cruz. He is not a Christian in my view; he is wolf in sheep’s clothing. Cruz is that type of American Christian who sickens me. He may have been ordered by his globalist masters to adopt a scorched earth policy towards Mr. Trump. Our RINO whores, their elite shills and donors may have decided to so trash the current Republican Party to prevent a Trump victory that they really don’t care. The RINO elite seem to be headed towards making a Hellary the Witch victory inevitable.

The link is here.

A New Low – Senator Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump for Brussels Terrorist Attacks (video)…

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