Vladimir Putin is playing a deep game indeed. He has outplayed, outthought and outmaneuvered pretty much everybody. His sudden announcement of withdrawing his forces from Syria is brilliant on so many levels. I do not think Putin is a good man, but surely he is a great leader. I put him in the same class as Catherine the Great, Peter the Great, and Ivan the Terrible. Granted, they were very bad people. Still, they advanced the Russian state, gained much territory and put Russia firmly on the world stage as a great power. All of which Putin has now done, not only in Syria and the Ukraine, but he has redefined the Eastern European borders fixed for 70 years since the end of World War Two in 1945. If I lived in Poland, I would be nervous about this Russian game player Putin. He has fully checked NATO imperialism to the east. He has revealed the reckless move to encircle Russia by NATO; he has countered it, and finally, he has prevented any further NATO expansion.

It is in this context, of a resurgent, self-confident Russian state, under the skillful and very savvy leadership of Putin, NATO, the EU and the Three Stooges, Obama, Kerry and Biden must now deal. The globalist plan to crush Russia, turn it into a colony run by the IMF, and castrate it has failed. Whatever else Putin has done, he has forced the West to take both him and the Russian state seriously. His withdrawal from Syria, which he says is because he has now done what he said he would do; namely, keep Assad in power, crush the armed opposition to him, and take control of the Syrian situation is decisive.

Russia is now well placed to exert even more control in Syria than if he had left his forces there. Putin is not pulling out his naval surface ships, or his submarines. He is not pulling out the S-400 SAM missile batteries. He is also not pulling out all of his airplanes, despite flying some home to a Russian Air Base and throwing a big welcoming party. I will remind everybody Russian warplanes were pounding the crap out of both ISIS and Al Qaida while the other planes were landing in Russia. Putin has left enough military forces in Syria to deal with the situation. The Assad Alliance is triumphant everywhere in Syria today. The so called western backed rebels are a farce on the brink of extermination. ISIS and Al Qaida, despite the open support of Turkey’s Erdogan are also on the verge of collapse. The fact they are reduced to raiding rebel groups for arms is a clear indication of that. Turkey is now in total chaos with a well-planned subversion campaign underway by the Kurds. The entire Southeastern part of Turkey is on fire. The Kurds are advancing from Syria with impunity. ISIS is cut off from Iraq, and will soon be cut off from Turkey. Erdogan is reduced to crushing all dissent, taking over Kurdish cities and murdering every Kurd he can get at. I will point out in several Kurdish cities inside of Turkey we now have massive firefights at the company level, and using small arms, machine guns, anti-tank rockets, fixed fortifications, and mines. All the Kurds have to do is start laying some of the mines Putin left them directly on the Turkish border and Erdogan will no longer be able to supply ISIS.

The fact we haven’t seen any nuclear flashes on the Ides of March doesn’t mean we don’t now have a war raging from West Africa to Afghanistan. It does not mean the situation is more stable than it was a month ago. In fact, the situation is even more explosive than it was a month ago. The critical test will be what Erdogan does when the Kurds start pouring over his border to support the Kurdish insurgents in Southeast Turkey. Given Erdogan’s track record to date, it is clear those people who think Syria has calmed down will be proven wrong.

Putin has created what is called the “arc of steel” from Finland, the Baltic States, and Poland in the north, all the way down to Syria, the Ukraine and Armenia. I will also add Putin has just deployed one squadron of SU-30 MIGS to the Crimea, as well as powerful military forces to Armenia. Armenia has a 165 mile long border with Turkey. The planes Putin has taken out of Syria were replaced by planes in Armenia and Sothern Russia. He also kept both his naval base and airbase in Syria.

Europe is in chaos from the hordes of Muslim refugees. The USA is in chaos from its election cycle. The entire Eastern European border, especially Poland and the Ukraine are now in total chaos. Western Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe are now in near total chaos, mostly due to Putin’s shrewd tactics.

The level of violence, lunacy and chaos since January 1st, is, when you take a sober minded look at it, staggering. Be patient, for I tell you plainly the cards have not all been played.

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