I am unsure of what words to use in describing the increasingly erratic behavior of Turkey’s leader Mr. Erdogan. Some of the words would be insane, crazy, a raving lunatic, a delusional fanatic who things he is on a mission from Allah to restore the Ottoman Empire come to mind. At any rate, Erdogan is now going for broke in establishing a fascist, totalitarian dictatorship in Turkey. He has said the courts have no power in Turkey if they issues rulings that he doesn’t agree with. He has closed down any media that challenges him. He has shut down Facebook and Twitter in a power grab of unprecedented ferocity. If anybody had any illusions the Internet is free, or can’t be shut down by a fascist government, Erdogan is showing what a government can do to crush dissent.

Today’s bombing in Ankara will give him even more leverage in his mad dash towards both war and fascism. The fact he is still being supported by NATO, the EU, and our Three Stooges in the USA, Obama, Kerry and Biden shows just how dysfunctional the USA is at this point in our Cretin in Chief Obama’s Marxist reign of terror.

The link below must be read in order to be taken seriously. Erdogan really does think he is on a mission from Allah, and he really does think he has been chosen to restore the historical Ottoman Empire. The fact this is on the level of a man who thinks he can do whatever he wants to, whenever he wants to, and to anybody he wants to, well that just gives it an additional level of luncacy.

Does Erdogan believe he’s on a mission from God? Summary Increasingly cornered and isolated both at home and abroad, Turkey’s president is seeking to boost his public support by placing God directly at the center of his Islamist oratory. Author Kadri Gursel Posted March 9, 2016 Translator Sibel Utku Bila http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/orig…oly-realm.html

The tidal wave of events now happening in and around Syria and Turkey are reaching a level of lunacy and lethality that beggars any description I can possibly write. In the last two weeks or so a massive military mobilization has been unleashed, one so large it defies reason. There are now well over 1.5 MILLION men deployed in and around Syria at full combat readiness. Russia has essentially encircled Turkey with combat deployments to the east in Armenia, to the north in Crimea, to the south with a naval base and an airbase in Syria. Russia has deployed both surface and submarines off the Syian coast. They have deployed a nuclear boomer sub in the Bay of Biscay off of France. They have used their airplanes from the Syria air base to pound the living crap out of Al Qaida and ISIS. The Assad Alliance is now moving at will inside of all areas of Syria and pounding the crap out of both Al Qaida and ISIS. In general, the military offensive by the Assad Alliance, especially the Kurds, using close ground support from the Russian Air Force is closing the last pockets containing both ISIS and Al Qaida forces. It will not be long before the Kurds are directly on the Turkish border.

NATO made a critical error in taunting Putin over the rescue helicopters. NATO now intends to monitor the Turkish and Syrian border more closely. Perhaps NATO will actually catch Turkish supply columns driving supplies to ISIS. It is more likey they will come under attack by the Kurds, or ISIS trying to stir things up. What will NATO do when one of their firebases gets attacked by anybody? It is a classic set up to get a clause 5 invasion of Turkey scenario. The fact Turkey is now sliding further into anarchy, as a direct result of Mr. Erdogan will be ignored. They need a war to derail Mr. Trump and the populists in Europe, so they will start one.

For links see article source….. Posted for fair use….. http://www.stripes.com/news/europe/r…tants-1.398942 37 minutes ago Report: Turkish airstrikes in Iraq kill 67 PKK militants Associated Press Published: March 12, 2016 ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s state-run news agency says the military has carried out air strikes against Kurdish rebel targets across the border in northern Iraq, killing at least 67 militants. Anadolu Agency, citing unnamed security sources, said Saturday that 14 F-16 and F-4 jets were involved in the March 9 strikes which allegedly destroyed ammunition depots, bunkers and shelters belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. The agency said the offensive targeted five areas in northern Iraq, including the Qandil mountains on the Iraq-Iraq border where the PKK’s leadership is based. Turkey’s jets have frequently bombed PKK sites in northern Iraq since July, when a fragile peace process between the government and rebels collapsed. The PKK, which is fighting for autonomy for Kurds in Turkey’s southeast, is listed as a terrorist organization.

Saudi Arabia seeks Pakistan’s cooperation for NATO-like military alliance Last Updated On 12 March,2016 06:15 pm http://dunyanews.tv/en/Pakistan/3272…ation-for-NATO According to sources, both sides have agreed to continue consultation on the matter.

Syrian Air Force MiG-21 Jet Downed, Pilot Killed – Source 23:17 12.03.2016(updated 23:55 12.03.2016) http://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20…shot-dead.html


Turkey Declares New 24-Hour Curfews for Mainly-Kurdish Towns By Suzan Fraser, Associated Press ANKARA, Turkey March 13, 2016, 6:05 AM ET Turkish authorities on Sunday declared new 24-hour, indefinite curfews for two mainly-Kurdish towns where Turkey’s security forces are set to launch large-scale operations to battle Kurdish militants.

NATO to boost surveillance on Turkey-Syria border BRUSSELS – Anadolu Agency Sunday,March 13 2016 http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/nat…&NewsCatID=352


Yes indeed, the stars are lining up for another regional war in the Middle East. If you don’t believe me, just ask Mr. Erdogan who is on a mission from God!

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