CHICAGO 1968 PART TWO 3-11-2016

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Tsunami that caused three nuclear reactors to melt down in Fukushima, Japan. Although the lies from TEPCO, Tokyo Electric and Power Company, and Japan’s government have been non-stop for the last five years, we can figure out a few things by now.

The first thing we know is three nuclear reactors melted down and breached the containment vessel. The super-hot mass of highly radioactive material is now somewhere underneath the nuclear plants. We have no idea of how far down it has gone. We also know vast amounts of toxic radiation have been released, in the steam and water vapor, as well as the 100 to 300 tons of radioactive water dumped into the Pacific Ocean every day for five years. We also know Japan’s decision to burn all the radioactive debris spread radioactive ash and fallout to every corner of Japan.

Despite an impressive media censorship effort, we also know the Pacific food chain is contaminated from the level of plankton and krill, all the way up to Orca Whales and other mammals, fish, and other species. We know of multiple “unknown” events wreaking havoc all along the US and Canadian West Coast. We have literally dozens of “unexplained” events causing unprecedented damage to the Pacific Ocean ecosystems. And finally, we know we are now five years into a five thousand year event. This event is an ELE, or Extinction Level Event. We know the DNA of humans and animals is being altered by exposure to Fukushima radiation. Other than that, things aren’t looking too badly. I have no idea about what to do with this situation. The level of government, media and elite stupidity is so vast in scope, and so lethal in impact, I can only watch in amazement as the story is ignored by the government, the media and the sheeple. Well, it may take another decade or so, but I can assure you objective scientific reality will overwhelm pseudo-science, government and media lies. When your hair starts to fall out, and when your baby has a tail, you will understand!

I was fourteen years old in 1968. I vividly remember watching the Chicago riots at the Democratic Convention, as well as following the trial of the Chicago Seven. You would have had to live through those days to understand my feelings while watching the liberal hordes of thugs rioting in Chicago tonight. It is now generally accepted it was the chaos of Chicago; the riots, the police brutality, the sense of anarchy and political chaos that really elected Richard Nixon as President of the USA. My personal opinion is Donald Trump just won the general election. It will take a few months for the magnitude of the decisive victory he will gain to become clear, but the first sighting of the political Tsunami will be seen in both Florida and Ohio. The leftists, well liberals, for all their college education, aren’t really that smart. They have a very specific type and level of intelligence that is gained from going to public schools in the USA. Unfortunately, liberals tend to be arrogant, have little common sense, and what would be called real life experience. Liberals have never been in the US military, nor have they really held jobs that train them what life is really about. If a liberal has a job at all, they work in government, or media, or education, or nonprofits, or liberal bastions like coffee shops.

I just had a discussion with one of my liberal neighbors about the riots, and that was what they were, in Chicago. I told him the riots had just guaranteed Mr. Trump victory in November. He said I was crazy, which of course I am. He doesn’t understand the large mass of formerly American Middle Class voters who are already enraged. When this large mass sees the mostly Black, Hispanic and geeky, guilt ridden white liberals causing all the damage, they are going to go ape shit. Trump is already doubling the number of people voting in Republican Primaries. Well, tonight’s chaos means he is going to triple the turnout. Further the blatant, vicious, arrogant elite have been spewing lies all evening about everything. Rubio and Cruz, by blaming the criminal actions of a bunch of black gang banging thugs, ignorant illegal Hispanics and young white Bernie Sanders socialist types on Mr. Trump, have destroyed themselves. The results in both Ohio and Florida will clearly indicate what the “Silent Majority” thinks of Chicago. They did it in 1968, and they will do it in 2016.

I was there in 1968. I saw Nixon take the election due to Chicago. I am here in 2016. I see Trump now taking the election due to Chicago. Obviously, if there are even more planned criminal events, we are going to see Germany in the summer of 1932. If you ever get a chance, you should watch the movie, “Cabaret.” It stars Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli, is directed by Bob Fosse and came out in 1972. It had a scene exposing the way the Nazi Brown Shirts would hunt people down and beat them badly. If this is where we are now headed, the liberals will get slaughtered, especially if they move outside of the major cities. Donald Trump won tonight.

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  1. Hi Doug: Only just recently found your blogs. Excellent info so far. Just read your blog at golden-eagle called “I Call it Treason” dated Aug. 29, 2002. Care to review that blog?


    1. Wow! I wrote that some 14 years ago. LOL I can’t even remember what it was about since I wrote over 100 essays from 1998 to 2006 or so. It was about either Clinton or Greenspan I think.


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