I have said the violence in Syria shows no sign of abating regardless of the so called cease fire. The link below shows fighting in Northeastern Syria rages unchecked.


SDF seizes important ISIS headquarters in Syria

By Rudaw yesterday at 10:00

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have retaken the Syrian city of Shadadi. The battle for Shadadi was intense and lasted days. Large parts of SDF are Kurds of the YPG. The SDF described it as a strategic fight. By taking Shadadi ISIS connection with Ramadi and Mosul has been cut. The forces now have their eyes on Mergeda in northeastern Syria. Coalition airstrikes played a significant role in regaining the city. The SDF admits its link with the coalition, but rejects any ties with Syrian government or Russian air forces.

I will point out a major offensive against Mosul in Iraq is about to begin. ISIS is now completely cut off from Syria and trapped in pockets in both Syria and Iraq.

We now have a situation where the fighting ranges from the Syrian coast to deep inside of Iraq. We have open combat in all regions of Syria, especially along its Turkish border. We have Turkey massing troops and supplies in order to launch over the border attacks on the Kurds. We have the Syrian Army attacking Aleppo and its suburbs, as well as further north at Azaz. And now we have reports of major attacks in the far western Syrian area containing both the Russian air and naval bases. The fighting never stopped there at all.


Syrian government forces open new battle with rebels in northwest BEIRUT Wednesday March 2, 2016 6:39am EST Syrian government forces launched an attack on Wednesday to capture a rebel-held hill in north-western Syria, a rebel official and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, an expansion of operations that have continued in that area despite a deal to cease fighting. Rebels said the assault on Kabani hill in the province of Latakia was supported by Russian air strikes. Both the government and rebels have accused each other of violating the truce, which came into effect on Saturday. The agreement does not include Islamic State or the Nusra Front, an al Qaeda-linked group that has a wide presence in northwestern Syria. The hill overlooks the rebel-held town of Jisr al-Shughour in neighboring Idlib province, and the Ghab Plain, where rebel advances last year were seen as a growing threat to President Bashar al-Assad. “The regime and militias are trying to storm (the hill) under very fierce Russian air cover and artillery fire,” said Fadi Ahmad, spokesman for the First Coastal Division, a group fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army. Rami Abdulrahman, Observatory director, said: “If the regime is able to capture Kabani hill, the insurgents will be in a difficult position because this hill overlooks the Ghab Plain and Jisr al-Shughour.” A rebel commander in northern Syria said: “Battles continue in vital areas that the regime wants, and where there was no truce in the first place. There is bombardment and battles.” “We are in the fifth day and there is no change in these areas,” he said, in reference to areas in the provinces of Latakia, Homs and Hama. (Reporting by Lisa Barrington and Tom Perry; Editing by Toby Chopra)

And finally, we have clear indications Lebanon will be used as an invasion corridor into Syria. We have various Sunni governments advising their citizens to not go to Lebanon; if there, to leave immediately. We have the declaration that Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy military in both Lebanon and Syria, is now an official terrorist group. The icing on the warhead is the Greek Coast Guards’ seizure of a Turkish flagged ship carrying weapons to Northern Lebanon. When you combine all of that with severing the final ISIS link to Mosul, along with a major offensive in Northwestern Syria, with the Northern Thunder exercise, well I think you will see where I am headed.

At this point in time, we have over one million military people fully mobilized for war. This includes 600,000 Turks, 250,000 Saudi Coalition forces, hundreds of thousands of Syrian military, Hezbollah, Iranian forces, plus the Kurdish Peshmerga. Like I have said repeatedly, all the pieces are in motion. Once the final pieces are in place in Northern Lebanon, we could go hot.

The Assad Alliance forces are now moving towards the Turkish border. They are closing the final pockets ISIS and Al Qaida hold. They are going to cruise right up to the Turkish border and glare at each other. The Kurds have also now launched what is in fact an internal subversion campaign against Turkish rule of Kurdish cities inside of Turkey. As I write this, there is yet another planned demonstration which provokes total chaos in Turkey. Turkey is, to put it mildly, somewhat in a state of anarchy.

I am still on for my Ides of March date. I grant that it may take more time for everything to gel into total chaos. On the other hand, the process is speeding up, gathering steam, and headed towards open warfare. I feel like the person watching a train speeding towards a washed out bridge. The train hasn’t started falling into the Grand Canyon yet, but I can see what is going to happen.
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