It looks like Donald Trump is going to win a decisive victory here in the Super Tuesday delegate selection process, or he will if the Republican Party elite doesn’t cheat too much. We will know more in a few hours. I have seen nothing to indicate Trump isn’t going to stomp Rubio and Cruz into mush. Trump has scheduled a news conference for nine East Coast Time. I will wait and see what he says before commenting further.

The situation in Syria continues to collapse into widespread violence from one end of Syria to the other. The issue of whether Turkey supports ISIS has been settled in my opinion. The overwhelming amount of evidence, ranging from allowing ISIS oil tankers to transit Turkish territory, offload at Turkish ports, and then use the funds to support military operations is decisive. The use of Turkish territory to infiltrate Syria and attack the Kurds has also been proven multiple times. The level of political chaos inside of Turkey is astounding to me. Despite Erdogan’s strong fascist streak, as well as his large scale effort to crush dissent, muzzle the media, and bully political dissidents, there is still much open opposition to his coup.

This link confirms that ISIS is still engaged in large scale attacks on the Kurds in Syria, with full Turkish support. Turkey actually used its artillery to offer fire support to ISIS when it attack the Kurds the other day. Russia wanted an explanation from the US. I haven’t heard the US response, if there really was one. NATO’s commander General Breedlove went out of his way to insult Russia when he refused to give them access to our SAR, search and rescue, helicopters. He then openly called Russia the enemy of the US, despite Russia being our ally in fighting ISIS. Of course, the US knows full well exactly what Erdogan and Turkey are doing to help ISIS. All of which begs the question; who is really fighting in Syria. The US claims to be arming the Kurdish Peshmerga, while at the same time ignoring Turkish military support for ISIS. Even by the morally gymnastic standards of both Obama and Kerry, this is somewhat of a confusing situation.


Fierce fighting rages as IS attacks Kurds near Turkish border

By Michael Mitchell Mar 01, 2016

The Russian military said Sunday armed groups had attacked a Syrian town from Turkish territory, adding it had demanded an explanation from the United States.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Thursday said the ceasefire was only valid inside Syria and was “not binding” for Turkey if its national security was threatened.

Obviously, the Turks still consider all Kurds to be terrorists. This is their justification for attacking any forces, Kurds, Syrian Army, Iranian forces, including Hezbollah at will inside of Syria.

The article continues by saying,

Attacks on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or the al-Qaeda aligned Jabhat al-Nusra would not violate the ceasefire agreement as neither are signatories. The two groups occupy at least half of Syria, but USA and Russian maps do not show exactly the same territories excluded from the ceasefire.

Syrian state media claimed “terrorist groups” fired mortars from hills close to the Turkish border into rural areas of the country’s coastal Latakia province.

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