The UN statement the Syrian Cease Fire is holding is one of wishful thinking in my view. It is certainly not backed up by any possible supporting evidence. The Russian Air Force stand down didn’t last long at all. They are now bombing near Aleppo with their customary vigor. ISIS just launched an attack on Baghdad that apparently caught the Shia government in Iraq off guard. Damascus is being shelled daily. ISIS used Turkish territory to launch 15 separate attacks on the Kurds inside of Syria. As far as I can tell, the amount of land in Syria not engaged in combat is small, as is the number of rebels not fighting at the moment.

Turkey has been revealed to be openly supporting ISIS. Turkey has allowed ISIS to use its territory to launch attacks inside of Syria. They have provided access to Turkish territory to move oil to Turkish ports, and allowed ISIS to use the money generated from oil sales to fund its war in both Syria and Iraq. Turkey is a member of NATO. Turkey has been working to prevent an effective military campaign against ISIS. This military campaign is the stated goal of both the US and NATO, and yet, Turkey flaunts its treason with no shame. Erdogan is, at least in my view, increasing behaving like a lunatic. His fetish to restore the historical Ottoman Empire is a sign of the man’s increasing lunacy. Erdogan is no longer on the same page with NATO, much less the same paragraph.

AT any rate, actions have consequences, and stupid behavior results in pain. Turkey has chosen a path of deceit, treachery and lies that will result in a wider Middle Eastern War in my view. Erdogan has rolled the dice.

The Kurds have just announced they intend to launch an offensive inside of Turkey; openly calling for a Kurdish uprising inside of Turkey. The link is here.

PKK commander warns of “Kurdish uprising” as clashes continue in Turkey

By Rudaw 12 hours ago

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— A senior commander of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has warned Ankara of continued violence in the country’s Kurdish southeast, saying “grave consequences” would follow for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) if clashes persisted.   Duran Kalkan who is also a prominent member of the PKK’s military council said the guerrillas would soon take part in what he described as “the Kurdish spring” in Turkey.   “The guerrillas have not participated in the clashes but this spring will become the Kurdish uprising,” Kalkan was quoted by PKK media outlets Thursday in reference to the ongoing armed standoff in Turkey’s Kurdish cities.   PKK has repeatedly accused the Turkish government of waging an indiscriminate war against the civilian population in Kurdish areas although Ankara has said it is currently clashing with the armed members of the PKK inside the Kurdish cities.   The army has said it killed over 900 guerrillas since fighting broke out after a two-year ceasefire collapsed last July.   PKK, however, rejects the death toll announced by Ankara and says over 150 civilians have been killed in the attacks, a claim also largely supported by international rights groups which have slammed the government for human rights breaches.   Kalkan said PKK had already warned Ankara that if the military operation continued, there would be “a wider response by the public.”   “We have warned them that the Kurdish youths will organize new resistance groups and fight the army,” Kalkan said.   Cizire and several Kurdish towns and cities have been under round the clock siege and curfew over the past months with most civilians without running water and adequate electricity.   Shocking images were circulating on social media earlier in February of dead bodies of children who were placed in iceboxes as families apparently waited for proper funerals after curfews had been lifted.   The Turkish government announced on February 11 it had lifted parts of the curfews in Kurdish cities including in Cizire Botan.

The massacre in that Kurdish city is now being revealed.

corpses discovered under rubble in Turkey’s Cizire

By RÛDAW 4 hours ago

The link to the ISIS attack in Iraq is here.

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