I have to say watching the RINO types, Republicans in name only, go into hysterics, whine and wail, and exhibit symptoms of a seizure over Donald Trump has given me much pleasure. I find the vision of American Oligarchs foaming at the mouth as the long suffering populist masses spurn the anointed Jeb Bush, and show the contempt the elite really deserves to be refreshing. I will also say the original American Oligarch plan to have a 1992 repeat, with Jeb representing the Bush Crime Cabal, and that scheming, twisted, manipulative witch Hellary representing the Clinton Crime Cabal, has now crashed and burned. The arrogance of the American Elite in such a brazen effort to crush what is left of the American Middle Class is disgusting.

Now that Trump stomped the corporate Republicans running against him in Nevada, with 46 percent of the vote, and now that he has solid leads in 8 of the remaining 12 states, the smell of fear is everywhere. I do not consider myself to be a conservative at all. I consider myself to be a secular populist. Trump disturbed me when he started cavorting with the likes of neo-con warmongers like Sarah Palin, and religious fundamentalists like Jerry Falwell, but I forgive him. Trump is going to win because people like me are going to vote for him. The reason I am going to vote for him is he is the ONLY candidate dealing with illegal immigration, the Militant Islam threat inside of the USA, and willing to not only say so, but do something about the problems. Trump is the kind of person who says what he means, and means what he says. For all the liberals claiming they will leave the USA if Trump gets elected, all I can say is don’t let the door hit you on your butt on your way out.

The situation in the Middle East continues to resemble what would happen if the Three Stooges were running the world. Actually, the Three Stooges, the New World Order version, are running the world! The link below confirms something I have had my four eyes on for some time. Putin is a broad thinker on so many levels. He is capable of widespread actions, based on a deep analysis of all political, economic, military and diplomatic aspects of what is now going on. Putin plays what has been called, “The Great Game,” very well indeed. The Great Game goes back for centuries and reflects the various efforts to seize both power and territory in the Middle East. Putin’s moves on the Crimea were also part of the Great Game, as are his military deployments to Armenia. Armenia shares a border with Turkey, and Turkey is a NATO member.

The link is from Forbes Magazine, which is about as New World Order as you can get in my view. The information is valuable in the sense it gives a coherent view of the totality of Putin’s moves. My blog readers will realize that I have been talking about Russian deployments along the entire Eastern European borders, all the way from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Ukraine. Putin’s moves against Georgia, and his open deployment to Armenia, must be viewed in the broad sweep of “The Great Game.” Putin’s moves in the Ukraine and Syria are also part of the plan.

The events now going on in Syria must also be viewed in a larger context than just what is going on there. We are setting the stage for a conflict that will drag NATO in, kicking and screaming no doubt, into a direct conflict with Russia. Putin is clearly gambling he can have it all in Syria, the Ukraine, Armenia and the Crimean Peninsula, without actually getting into a shooting war with NATO. I am not sure he is factoring in either Turkey or Syria, much less NATO and the US, into his political and diplomatic equation.

Putin may pull it off, or he may drag us all into a regional war of intense chaos. Putin has also clearly made the judgment, correct in my view, NATO, the EU, Obama, Biden, and Kerry are not up to the task. It is this judgment of his which may doom us all to another cycle of mindless violence. I hope not, but I am no longer sure of that. Erdogan is a wild card in the truest sense of the word.
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  1. Great post DD! I especially love your description of Hellary. Fits her like a glove. I don’t see the PTB allowing Trump to be our next Prez .. but it would be great to be given some more time, and I think Trump could help us limp along maybe a couple more years. I hate to admit, but I might be more of a doomer than you, cuz I’ve got a feeling big O is never leaving…


    1. Obama is road kill at this point. “They” won’t keep him around because he is a lightening rod and will focus too much opposition. They will get somebody else like Hellary. Trump is shaking up all their plans I think.


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