I have so much to write about today it is overwhelming. This blog, now called Doomism, had nearly 2,000 people view it yesterday. Most of them came from my mentor Steve Quayle’s webpage, and most of them came from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. I have never cared for the name United Kingdom since it sounds like somebody has died and gone to heaven. Anyway, I also had views from over 30 other countries, which makes this truly an international blog. I won’t deny many of those countries had between one to four viewers, but I will, or at least my writer’s ego will, take what I can get.


The so called Syrian Cease Fire planned to take effect this Saturday is somewhere between a farce and a fantasy. Putin’s speech was funny in a morbid, black humor kind of way, especially since he said it with a straight face. Any ceasefire agreement that leaves out two of the major combatants, ISIS and Al Qaida, allows unrestricted combat by all other combatants, and makes no effort to deny any of this, is not a ceasefire. The objective military reality in Syria is those forces supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia are getting their rear ends kicked up to the level of their shoulder. In response to that, Turkey has been engaged in active combat operations for the last week or so. I may not have had my morning coffee yet, but even I can see that a ceasefire that has Turkey still shelling the Kurds, and the Kurds still fighting ISIS, and Syria, and Iran, and Hezzbollah still fighting, along with Russia bombing the crap out of everybody they don’t like, well, you can see my point! My blog readers can rest assured that on Monday we will see frantic diplomats, making even more frantic press releases that the violence hasn’t stopped in Syria. The only thing that will interest me is they will say all this with straight faces, and like the cease fire was ever intended to be a cease fire.


Next, we come to the “do they, or don’t they, “nuclear question for Saudi Arabia. I have to say even Doomer Doug was a bit on the stunned side yesterday. Having slept on the matter, I have come to several conclusions about the video. The original source was a Saudi “political analyst” giving an interview played on Russian television. The so called analyst has ties to Saudi Arabian intelligence agencies, moves in the highest circles of the House of Saud and the government. So, he is not some fruitcake, spewing nonsense for the entertainment of fools. He is a senior level Saudi who gives plausible deniability if needed. He also gives a level of credibility that I find interesting. We have this man who, in the course of an interview, calmly states that Saudi Arabia has had two nuclear weapons for the last two years. He is telling, again this is Russian television, about this in the context of Putin making direct threats to use tactical nukes against any advancing Turkish forces. He makes this statement, or warning, in a calm, sober minded way. He does not go North Korea on us. He does not start foaming at the mouth, howling at the top of his lungs about “Lakes of Fire,” or any other theatrical manure North Korea likes to throw out.


What we have here, in my opinion, is the House of Saud telling Russia to back off. The House of Saud is telling Putin that any use of nuclear weapons against its Turkish ally will result in the use of nuclear weapons, at least two, by Saudi Arabia. Further, the House of Saud did this in such a way that they can, if Putin openly responded to the Saudi threat, by shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Oh, yes that guy. You see he escaped from the mental institution, so thanks for hunting him down for us.” The fact they have not done that, or even responded to what I would think, especially if it wasn’t true, with a press release carried all over the world. Saudi Arabia hasn’t done that at all. I went to their Embassy home web page and found nothing about any nukes. I did find a statement, dated the 12th, where a senior level Saudi General said that sending ground troops into Syria was “irreversible.” In the context of that statement from 10 days ago, you can see how casually throwing out you have nukes fits the plan.


I see absolutely no reason at all to think this Saudi gentleman doesn’t know what he is talking about, or more importantly, been given clearance to make these kind of public states on such a sensitive issue. Let me be blunt here: the idea a Saudi citizen would wake up, go to an interview and then casually say that Saudi Arabia has nukes, and then make a direct threat to both Russia and Iran. Um, Saudi Arabia has the death penalty. Saudi Arabia recently displayed the corpse, openly displayed, of one of the people they executed. So, this tells me there is no way this guy did this without clearance from the highest levels of both the House of Saud and the Saudi Arabian government. The fact he hasn’t been arrested, with news cameras rolling, followed by a very fast trial, with an even faster public execution, tells me my instincts are correct.




You may believe that if you want, or deny it if you want to. You may think I need to up my psych meds, or even decrease the dosage. One thing you do not get to is ignore the very plain, very clear, and very blunt message from the House of Saud that they not only have nuclear weapons, but they intend to use them against either Iran or Russia if they have to. Obviously, the implications for Israel are even more profound.

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  1. If the Saudis have a couple of nukes, Pakistan is no the only country in the region they could be procured such. Not so will know is that the so-called Saudis Royals are a family that came originally from Iraq. They are kissing cousins to those that invaded Palestine right after WW2. There also may be ethnic ties to those that rule Turkey, the Erdoggn trolls, that may be related to the Young Turks that took over Turkey around the beginning of the 20th century and perpetrated the Arminian genocide soon after. As is the US and NATO, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are most likely proxies for Zionism and the Rothschild international banking cabal. The question that many, well not to many, are asking is Putin also in thrall to the international banking cabal in this great game. Let us hope not.


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