In the few minutes since I made this post, an event of so stunning a nature, and so profound an implication for the entire Middle East has been made. I have no idea who this gentleman is, nor do I “know” if the information is accurate. I will only say that if this is true, and if Saudi Arabia really does have two nuclear weapons, then the game has changed in the Middle East.

The link is here, although I can’t guarantee it will work.



The cease fire announced by Russia and the US is a prime example of looking like you are doing something, without actually doing anything. Given the on the ground reality in Syria today, I am less than enthused about the benefits of this diplomatic effort.

I greet all the international readers of this blog. I do keep track of the daily views, along with the map display showing where viewers come from. Some of the nations, besides the USA and Canada, include Brazil, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. Of course, those may be government officials keeping track of particularly insolent infidels! At any rate, I am pleased to see this blog is starting to develop an international flavor.



Sigh, this so called “cease fire,” leaves out both ISIS and the several more militant Al Qaida groups. Further, I find it hard to believe the Syrians, the Kurds and the Russians are not going to recover the now cut off supply route to Aleppo. It is also unlikely the Kurds will give up a single foot the border area they now control. It is also likely they will use the remaining 4 to 5 days to further secure the pocket containing the rebels. And finally, it assumes Turkey will stop shelling the advancing Kurds and Syrian Army unit as they continue to advance towards the Turkish Syrian border. Other than that, I see no problems with it. <G> On the other hand, it will allow the Kurds, Syria and Russian to claim victory. It will further isolate Erdogan and Turkey. He will be faced with a choice between total acceptance of a Kurdish state on his border with both Iraq and Syria. He will be faced with a military victory that leaves him unable to do much about it, except either continues artillery shelling, launch air strikes inside of Syria, or invade with masses of armor and mechanized infantry. It will also give Russia all the excuse it needs to begin bombing or shelling the Turkish artillery parks. I am still thinking Erdogan is not going to accept any of that. The assumption he will not invade without NATO support is not one I am prepared to make. It will also be a matter of the Kurds now in Syria and Iraq providing logistical support for the nearly one quarter of the total Turkish population, i.e. the Kurds now living in South east Turkey. IN FACT ALL THIS CEASE FIRE MAY REALLY DO IS SHIFT THE WAR FROM INSIDE OF SYRIA TO INSIDE OF TURKEY. At which point. NATO again comes into play as Turkey will be facing internal subversion, aided and abetted by both Russia and the Kurds.



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