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I have come to think Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan is a crafty fox who has now stumbled upon the Russian bear. If Turkey really does invade Syria, Turkey will endure the fate of the trapper who tangled with a Mama Grizzly bear in the movie called, “The Revenant.” I did a review of that movie several essays ago in case anybody is interested.

I have also found a Kurdish news site that is giving an account of what is now going on in Syria and Iraq from a Kurdish viewpoint. Of course, it is slanted, but the trick is to filter out the slant and find the gold nuggets in the pan. The news they are reporting is grim to put it bluntly. First, Turkey is continuing its unrestricted 155 mm artillery fire into Kurdish positions in Syria. As I noted earlier, Assad junior, who I have come to be impressed by, outflanked Turkey by including the Kurdish forces, now cruising towards the Turkish border, directly into the Syrian Army. The level of political moxy, ruthless cunning, and shrewd diplomatic instincts displayed here is brilliant. Turkey is now shelling Syrian Army units, and not just Kurdish ones. This takes things to the next level, and gives Assad and Putin justification for counter battery artillery fire. They can turn Turkish artillery pieces into burnt metal using a self-defense explanation. Of course, the Kurds are now saying they aren’t a part of the Syrian Army, but who cares at this point?

The links are here. http://rudaw.net/english

Further, Saudi Arabia is now engaged in the kind of very dangerous game playing that has often led to war. It is unclear, and since I am not an Arabic scholar I don’t know, whether Saudi Arabia actually has deployed man pads to the so called “moderate Rebels now fighting Assad,” or whether they are asking for permission to do so from the USA and NATO. One thing I can guarantee you is this. If the Syrian rebels begin to directly engage the Russian Air Force, and especially if they really do shoot down a Russian plane, well they will find out why it is not a good idea to piss of Mr. Putin. The jury is still out on any man pad, shoulder fired anti- aircraft missiles, really being in the hands of the rebels. Like almost everything now going on in both Syria and Iraq, we will know after the fact.

It is also becoming quite clear the general military advance to close the final pocket held by the anti-Assad Rebels in entering the final phase. Turkey will shortly be faced with the total control of its entire Syrian and Iraqi border by, depending on who you ask, either Kurdish forces, or Kurdish forces that are now officially part of the Syrian Army. Erdogan will only have the option to invade Syria, or sit back and enjoy the total ruin of everything both Turkey and Saudi Arabia have tried to gain in Syria for the last several years. My view is people expecting Erdogan to act in a rational, sober minded way don’t quite get the man. Erdogan is rolling the dice, and has shown precious little give, in dealing with Russia, or Assad, or NATO, or even our increasingly feckless Obama. I can also assure you that both our friends and especially our enemies have noted Obama and Kerry are totally out of their depth here. Kerry and Obama are like a Pacific Salmon that a Grizzly bear has just pulled out of a stream. They haven’t quite got their heads ripped off, but you know it is coming.

In other news, the Clinton crime cabal has managed to steal the nomination from the totally naïve Bernie Sanders. It really is like stealing candy from a baby. Hellary Clinton is surely a foul example of a human being by any standard you want to use. The only hope for America now is that scheming, arrogant, manipulative Witch suffers career ending damage from her concussion. Trump, well the man is stomping the RINO, Republican in name only crowd with gleeful abandon. The more “they” attack him; the stronger he gets. I think Trump will not only get the Republican nomination, but he will be the next President of the United States. The entertainment value of watching the liberals and RINO types foam at the mouth, wail, gnash their teeth and bang their heads on the wall has been a high point of my life these last few weeks. It just doesn’t get any better for me than watching the corrupt American oligarchs whining like a two year being told he can’t pull the tail of a German Shepard.


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