Obviously, I have changed the look of my wordpress blog here. It is a new theme called Editor that reflects my desire for a newspaper look. The title Doomer Doug is a little too big to fit, so I am working on that. I have also decided to type up my blog posts using Microsoft Word. I will then copy them to the blog and post them that way. This allows me to choose the right font: Times New Roman size 14, as well as spell check. Anyway, just a quick note to keep you up to date on blog changes. Now some of you may wonder why I am  saying a political fix may have been reached in Syria. The answer is simple: “they” really are quite terrified about a nuclear exchange between Turkey and Russia. They are so afraid of that “they” are willing to beat Turkey and Saudi Arabia into mush to avoid that. We shall see if Turkey is so out of control the plan “they”have come up with fails. We will know by the Ides of March one way or the other.


The deal is being made as I write this. I wonder if it will work. If it does not, we will see Yom Kippur Two. If it does we will buy some more time. The deal, such as it is, will be as follows. In return for Turkey and Saudi Arabia accepting a Kurdish State covering the entire Turkish border with both Syria and Iraq, Russia won’t destroy them. That is the deal Putin is offering in a sort of reverse Cuban Missile Crisis deal, along with a heavy dose of cynical humor.

Why you ask would Turkey or Saudi Arabia possibly take such a deal? First, I am not sure they will. I am only sure that is what is now being offered by Russia and her allies. Over at timebomb.2000 one of the posters commented that he works close enough to Tyson Corners to see the inbound helicopters. He said that he saw 16 helicopters Friday. I wondered what the implications of what I called a “16 helicopter day,” would be. I think I know the answer to that now.

Syria has just announced that the Kurdish military forces are now part of the Syrian Army. This is a huge dot, because it means the Kurds are no longer acting as some sort of Kurdish Army in Syria. This single statement makes the idea of a Kurdish State all along the Turkish border with both Syria and Iraq acceptable. The reason it will be acceptable is it will be part of a Syrian Federation. This Syrian Federation will be acceptable to Russia, the Kurds, Iran and Iraq. It will be acceptable to NATO, the EU, and the USA since it will prevent open warfare between Turkey, a NATO member, and Russia which is a superpower.

I think this is the political deal that will be announced over the next few days/weeks. I do not think either Turkey or Saudi Arabia will like it at all. The only issue is whether they can be beaten senseless and forced to accept it. I submit this deal is what the so called “best and brightest” have come up with. I don’t guarantee it will be accepted by Turkey, much less work. Nor do I guarantee we won’t have a regional war by March 15th. I do think “they” are in hysterics, seriously concerned about a nuclear exchange between Turkey and Russia.

It is clearly a sign of the mental and moral weakness of the West that this is the best they can do. Still, the way “they” think is as long as it doesn’t happen on my watch then I don’t care.

We may have dodged the bullet on this Syrian situation, assuming Turkey and Saudi Arabia can be beaten into submission and accept this. I am also thinking the level of mental anguish, fear, rage and the desire for revenge may be so great that the grand deal mentioned above will crash and burn. I mean that in the literal sense by the way.

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