The new world order, which is a hodgepodge of competing groups all seeking to control the world, is nothing if not consistent. It has long used a playbook with three basic points. The first is to create the crisis; the second is to provoke the reaction; the third, is to provide the solution. Adolf Hitler used this playbook in both the famous Reichstag fire, the one that allowed him to assume emergency powers, and his invasion of Poland with all the dead Polish soldiers carefully placed inside of Germany.

Turkey is now playing the exact same game with the car bombing of the bus carrying military people. This attack gives Turkey’s leadership a casus belli to seek NATO help to fight terrorism. It gives them a reason to keep shelling the Kurds in Syria. This is now the fifth day of unrestricted 155 mm artillery fire on Kurdish positions inside of Syria. When combined with the theft of nuclear material by ISIS, material that may be used to make a dirty bomb, all the pieces for the invasion of Syria are now in place. All Turkey really needed was a way to convince its allies to join it in either creating a Syrian no fly zone, or a 10 mile wide buffer zone. Turkey now has created the crisis. Turkey has now provoked the reaction. Turkey will now provide the solution, which is to invade Syria using the mantra of fighting terrorism in general, and fighting ISIS in particular. The fact Turkey has been openly supporting, aiding, abetting and assisting ISIS is simply ignored.

The Turkish and Saudi Arabian military coalition, combined with NATO resources and aid, will now use military means to gain its political and diplomatic goals. Turkey will deny the Kurds full control of its border with both Iraq and Syria. Under the NATO airpower umbrella, Turkey will control Northern Syria both in the air and on the ground, at least once the ground invasion starts.

It looks like my 72 hour time frame didn’t factor in NATO hysteria at the thought of actually fighting Russia. However, Turkey just went to plan B. Plan B being to create a terror attack that would give cover to Turkey’s real intentions.

I also have to say Turkey better move quickly. If they do not, Northern Syria, all the way to the Turkish border, will be taken over by the Kurds. Once that happens, Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be faced with the total collapse of their proxy forces they have funded and supplied in the vain hope of overthrowing Assad junior. Assad is looking more durable by the day. Russia has complete air superiority in Syria, and Iran is reaping the gains of creating not only a Kurdish state in Northern Syria, but a Shia state in both Iraq and the rest of Syria. Obviously, the big winners here are Russia, Iran, the Kurds, and Assad’s newly functional government. Assad was predicted to fall last June, but he is now secure.

I am saying Turkey or Saudi Arabia can’t back off now, or they will face total disaster. Yom Kippur War version two is simmering along nicely in my view. The Ides of March, and you can ask Julius Caesar about that one, are the outer limit for Turkey or Saudi Arabia to act.

I keep track of the numbers of people who view my blog, as well as what countries they come from. I am pleased to say I have viewers from not only the USA and Canada, but India, Brazil and Russia. I would be particularly interested in any comments my Russian viewers would like to make. One of the things I am trying to do here is create a more interactive blog.

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  1. I agree with your assessment on the conflict of Hegelian dialectic in the middle east. All eyes on Damascus and Israel. On an unrelated topic, I would love it if you released strike destroyer 2. The 1st one was epic! God bless you abundantly. Shalom


    1. Hi, thanks for the kind words on Strike Destroyer. Unfortunately, it has only sold about 100 copies. I don’t know why that is. I read a lot of science fiction and I felt it was as good as anything David Weber, David Drake, or John Ringo ever wrote. I had a lot of fun writing it, especially the Royal Brat sections. I really need a publishing company to deal with it. I just got an estimate to do that: it was $3000, which puts it out of reach. I don’t see how we can avoid Yom Kippur Two in Syria. With the terror attack, all the pieces are now in place. March 15th is a good date to focus on. It will give everybody there time to deploy all the troops currently mobilized.


  2. Doomer Doug, forgive my english, I’m a brazilian and I’m very concerned about this entire situation. I’m reader of you since when you had an account on Tree of Liberty and now that you are a member of TimeBomb2000 forum. As I’m not american I cannot post in any of those foruns but since you have this blog I want to share my concerns.

    As you, I’m a student of History it’s absolutely terrible that the world is fast aproaching an World War Three. With a conflict of this magnitude there is no boundaries that will be unaffected.

    What we may have seen in this attack on Turkey is a potential Archiduke Franz Ferdinand moment.

    My very faint hope is that the people of the world can see through the fog of lies and held accountable the responsables for this awful situation and that the mask of the TPTB can finally fall.

    Wishing all the best for you and your family,

    Diego, São Paulo, Brazil


  3. Thanks for the comment. I am not sure at this late stage exactly what can be done to prevent the kind of global war that seems to be building in Syria. The people now in charge of Planet Earth are by and large either cretins, fools, or psychopaths. I also think man has built up, gone crazy, and then destroyed his civilization several times already. I think there is a historical reality to the Atlantis legends for example. I am 62, and have had a pretty good ride. I mourn for the children mostly. They will be dealing with Fukushima all their lives, assuming we don’t get blown up in World War Three. Still, I just try to live on a day by day basis. This is all we can do really. How do you prepare for an event like the collapse of the ancient Roman Empire? You just try to ride it out and do the best you can!


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