The Pentagon is now reporting that Saudi Arabian F-16 warplanes took part in bombing raids on ISIS over the weekend. Reuters is carrying the story here at this link.

  1. Saudi Arabia took part in weekend air strikes against Islamic State: Pentagon WASHINGTON Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:38pm EST…-idUSKCN0VP2FM

Saudi Arabia participated in air strikes as part of a U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State militants over the weekend, a U.S. Department of Defense spokesman said on Tuesday.

While it is unclear exactly where the Saudi F-16’s dropped their bombs, it is possible they are now engaged in offensive air operations inside of Syria. Given the Russian air superiority over Syria, as well as their S-400 defensive systems, it is also possible the raids took place over Iraq. The mere fact the Saudi Arabian Air Force is now engaged is the important thing to note here. We know Saudi Arabia sent jets to the NATO fighter base in Turkey. We now know they are engaged in combat missions. This is a big leap, and a further indication of just how fluid the situation really is over the skies of Syria and Iraq.

Turkey has continued firing artillery salvos, some reports are talking about “massed artillery fire,” for the fourth day in a row at Kurdish forces inside of Syria.

I pointed out the Kurds are clearly intending to take full control of the Turkish border with both Syria and Iraq. It is the Kurd’s ability to do exactly that which is driving the Turkish response. My 72 hour time frame is a bit off, although my analysis and the actual trends on the ground still lead me to predict a Yom Kippur level of regional war happening. Assuming Turkey continues its unrestricted artillery fire at the Kurds inside of Syria, one has to ask the question of how long that will be tolerated by Russia and its allies. The answer is I don’t know at what point the Russians will either start bombing the Turkish artillery parks, or start counter battery artillery fire to destroy them. I can surmise one thing for sure: Russian and Kurdish toleration is not unlimited.

I have been stunned by the level of non-reporting by the Western media of the dangerous situation now evolving in Syria. Granted, I get the whole bread and circus mentality the oligarchs try to keep intact, but I mean really. You would think the American people deserve at least some warning all hell is going to break out in Syria over the next few days and weeks. We are still looking at a regional war here. It could happen quite easily by the end of February or early March. At least my blog readers won’t be caught unaware. This is the best I can do. It is not enough, but then I don’t have the kind of resources the oligarchs and their media empires have.

Here is a link to a very good map page showing the area in Northern Syria that all this is now happening in.


I will repeat one thing. The Kurds are now creating a Kurdish State that includes Northern Iraq, and the entire Syrian Turkish Iraq border. Turkey finds this intolerable. Turkey will use massive military force to prevent this from happening. After that, everybody else, Russia, Syria, Turkey, the Saudi Arabian military federation, Iran and Hezbollah, NATO, the USA and the EU will all get sucked into a whirlpool of violence and chaos.

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