WAR WARNING 2-13-2016


It is ironic that the day before Valentine’s Day is one involving the threat of regional war breaking out in the Middle East. I was in the US Army in October of 1973, the so called “Yom Kippur” war, so excuse me if I more focused than I usually am. The bottom line is we could see open warfare in Syria between Turkey, a NATO member, and Russia within the next twenty four to seventy two hours. I will quote the French King, “Après moi, les deluge,” or after me, the deluge.
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Thanks for your support.  I think my e-books might be a good read this weekend, especially “Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy. ” Turkey is now behaving exactly like Ezekiel wrote they would.

We are dealing with a complex situation in the entire Middle East. For example, Yemen has been simmering away for the last year or so. Saudi Arabia is now involved in a two front war in Yemen. It is fighting the Shia Houthi Tribal Militia, a well led, well trained, and increasingly better armed group of desert warriors fighting for the last several decades. The Houthi are in fact an Iranian proxy force targeting the Sunni House of Saud under direct Iranian orders. The Saudi government is also fighting the Al Qaida group called, “Al Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula, both in Yemen and inside of Saudi Arabia. The Houthi also move at will inside of Saudi Arabia, openly attacking military targets of opportunity. And finally, the House of Saud is now engaged with ISIS, both inside and outside of Saudi Arabia.

The result is a dismal outlook for the House of Saud in terms of regime survival.  The House of Saud has now begun openly deploying air and ground forces to directly engage not only ISIS, but the military forces of Iran, Russia and Assad Junior in Syria. I guess they think a three front war is what is needed. The news today of not only direct combat between Turkish forces, again a member of NATO, and the various Kurdish forces and Assad’s forces is a trigger event. Turkey has now started to attack other anti-ISIS forces in the strange belief that by attacking the Kurds now fighting ISIS, and giving cover to Al Qaida forces fighting the Kurds they are somehow still fighting ISIS. Obviously, Turkey is now an open ally of ISIS, since it is fighting the Kurds fighting ISIS, the Iranians, Assad government forces, as well as the Russians fighting both ISIS and Al Qaida. Turkey is going to the aid of the Al Qaida forces now defending Aleppo. No matter what any says about Syria, there are no secular Muslim forces in Aleppo. In Syria, we have ISIS. We also have Hezbollah and other Iranian Shia forces. We have the Shia offshoot with Assad’s regular military. We also have the direct involvement of both Russian air and naval forces. Into that mix, we can add the various Kurdish Peshmerga combat formations, with their own goals and agendas.

Let me speak plainly here. Turkey has now decided to directly engage the Kurds, Assad Juniors military, Hezbollah and the Iranians by making an alliance with the various Al Qaida groups now holding Aleppo. In doing so Turkey has now potentially dragged NATO into armed conflict with Russian air and naval assets. Further, by allowing Saudi Arabia to deploy fighter jets to a NATO airbase, in preparation for a general ground offensive by the Saudi coalition, the Turkish military and the various Al Qaida groups now fighting for their lives in Syria, Turkey has in effect thrown a live hand grenade on the summer barbeque.

I have to say I am not a prophet. This means that all I can do is make intelligent estimates of what I think the results will be of the various moves now being made by the various players in Yemen and Syria. It is now clear, at least to me, we have direct armed combat in Syria between Turkey and several of the key groups there. Turkey just shelled one of the major Kurdish groups. They then shelled Assad’s military forces with 155 mm Howitzers. They are now bombing the crap, as well as trying to send thousands of men to apparently invade the Kurdish homeland in Northern Iraq. The Shia government in Iraq, backed up by several hundred thousand armed Shia militias will not like that. I have to say mu judgement is we are going to see pretty much everybody involved, go after everybody, everywhere soon. After that, well you roll the dice and you take your chances. I suggest you pray. I also suggest you go buy some final preps. The modern version is “Praise the Lord and buy the preps.

We may make it to Monday without a general regional Middle East War breaking out; then again, we may not.

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Turkey shells Syrian regime forces, US calls to stop

In response to incoming fire, Turkish army shells Kurdish forces and regime forces in Syria, even as it considers a ground invasion.

By Arutz Sheva Staff
First Publish: 2/13/2016, 10:57 PM / Last Update: 2/13/2016, 11:16 PM

The Turkish military on Saturday hit targets of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Syrian regime in two separate incidents in response to incoming fire, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported.

In line with the rules of engagement, the armed forces shelled targets of the PYD around the town of Azaz in Aleppo province, Anatolia said, quoting a military source.

The army also responded to Syrian regime fire on a Turkish military guard post in Turkey’s southern Hatay region, it added.

There were no further details on the nature of the Turkish strikes but they likely involved artillery fire from tanks.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also appeared to confirm the strikes against the PYD, without giving precise details.

“Under the framework of the rules of engagement, we responded to forces in Azaz and around that were posing a threat,” he said, quoted by Anatolia while on a visit to the eastern city of Erzincan.

Apparently referring to the PYD, he called these forces “a terror group which is a branch of the Syrian regime, collaborationist and is complicit in Russian strikes against civilians.”

In response to the shelling, the US pressed Turkey on Saturday to halt military strikes on Kurdish and Syrian regime targets in the northern province of Aleppo.

“We are concerned about the situation north of Aleppo and are working to de-escalate tensions on all sides,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.

Turkey has indicated it is eyeing a ground invasion in Syria together with the Saudis. Russia has warned that the entry of Arab armies into Syria could spark a “new world war.”

AFP contributed to this report.


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